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Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 was a return to consistency as a runner

Hey followers. Here's to 2011: It was a tough year, with the loss of my Grandpa and Dad, but also one that was blessed, with the birth of my daughter, Avery.

Running wise, I ran more this year since the days I was competeting year round, which would have last been 2004. With the Grand Prix series keeping me motivated all year, along with Thunder Road Marathon, I have enjoyed some great fitness these past 12 months.
I'm looking forward to Boston in 2012, and beyond that - I'm not real sure what lays ahead.

Since my last post I have had 8 runs, since Dec. 5th.

Tue 12/6: 6.38 miles, 7:19 pace. Solo
Thur 12/8: 4.12 miles, 8:24 pace. Stroller
Sat 12/10: 6.96 miles, 7:16 pace. Solo
Fri 12/16: 4 miles, 7:39 pace. Solo
Mon 12/19: 6.51, 7.44 pace. w/David
Fri 12/23: 4.46, 8.45 pace. Stroller
Mon 12/26: 4 miles, 8.08 pace. BeechMtn
Thu 12/29: 1.4 miles, 7:16 pace. Solo

No long runs or workouts, just runs ranging from 1-7 miles. I have taken Avery with me more lately in the jogging stroller, and that keeps the paces above 8. And the times I'm off alone, or with David, I have been comfortable clicking low 7's and some high 6's. (ppm). I had a nice run up part of Beech Mtn. the day after Christmas, and that brought me to a 9+ min mile.

I'm glad I haven't totally stopped running, and that my legs are in posistion to handle more running come 2012 when I start training for Boston.

Today, last run of the year, with David we ran:

6.57 miles
7:45 pace
50:55 time

Legs felt a little sluggish, but the ran was enjoyable as it was just a chill sort of run. Beautiful weather.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

signs of hibernation?

In a few days I will be one month removed from my PR in the marathon. Where am I now? Well, I took almost a full week off, ran a few times, had a Birthday, became a little sick, and now am looking at another week of low mileage. Is this out of plan? No. You see, after the marathon, I had planned to take December as easily as I wanted in an effort to keep the running casual, if I felt like running at all!

The weather is and has been gross the last few days. Typical of December. Charlotte isn't fortunate enough to be pretty with white snow. We just get grey wetness. The kind of weather that encourages slothly behavior. Now since it's almost been a full week since I have run, I am feeling the itch for exercise! I think tonight I shall attempt a long? That will probably be entirely dictated in my present state once I am out and moving.

But catching us up on the last few excursions...

Wed (11/30):  Linked up with David and ran a new route. The pace was easy and light, and the new route was a nice combination of familiar streets, and a couple new over in the Southpark area. Here is the Garmin details:
Time: 40:19
Miles: 5.36
Pace: 7:31

Thur (12/1): My last run as a 27 year old. This time I took Avery with me in the jogging stroller. The jogging stroller is a gift I got last Christmas, and have just now began to use. I am starting to enjoy it. I find the run is made easier for those days when you need to reel back the pace and let your legs rest. Also, my daughter loves it! It's also a nice treat for Mom where she won't feel dumped on with the baby just because I have to go get my run in.
Miles: 3.44
Time: 27:20
Pace: 7:57

Monday (12/5): Took Avery for a quick run/walk spin around the block.
Miles: 1
Time: ?