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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

solid 6

Stayed in Montclair, and over in Madison Park - where we avoided the hills of Huntingtown Farms and Starmont. The pace was comfortable and pretty good. Solid run with David.

Time: 44.26
Miles: 6
Pace: 723

Monday, March 28, 2011

a tight 4

Just a lite 4 mile run arounud the neighborhood to shake things out.

Time: 30.17

Sunday, March 27, 2011

World Record!

Got a text from Jason Blackwood while I was sleeping, saying he was pulling an all nighter and helping out at the track during the wee hours of Sunday morning. After he notified me the team was about 18 mins behind schedule, I hit the snooze button and got in a little more sleep.

Arrived at the track around 8am, and relished in the fact that the rain had subsided. While watching and mingling, I met Kristen and Caleb Boyd, John Filete, Paul Mainwaring, Alex Wernikoff, and a few others. I watched Stephen Spada's leg in fully shirtless glory despite the low 40's temps, and afterwards was able to use him as a warm up partner. He mentionedour conversation about a track meet I was in at Providence Day, while I was running for Charlotte Christian in Highschool, and though he obviously was being more than gracious when he was recalling the quick mentions of times during that special day for me - I must say that I did not run the 800m race that day (in fact I didn't break 2 mins until college), but completed the quadruple with the 4x400. And he surely rounded down by a couple seconds against the true times I ran in the 1600 and 3200, but I won't bash him for that!

Anyway, I enjoyed my leg of the race tremendously and the opportunity to participate in the historic event. Meeting new members was awesome. I don't get out that much for the group runs, so this definitely helped me connect. True to form, I went out too fast the first lap (79) and the first 800 (244), but was able to reel it in for a targeted 543 first mile. I was able to maintain focus pretty good on the second mile with a 548 split. The last mile, I knew I had some in the tank, but it was interesting I had to really force myself to think TURNOVER TURNOVER TURNOVER, as my legs are not used to going that fast, but aerobically I was feeling okay. Perhaps that is why, after the race I felt I had more left. With a lack of speed training, you find yourself without the ability to really tap into your speed - not that you don't have it. It just can't be conjured up. At least that's kind of how I look at it. So my last mile was a 546, with a 84, and 80 the last two laps. My last .1 was a 38 special, just to get me under 18 mins (1756) for the 5k.

I felt good about the race, but was tired, and so I went home to rest and come back in time to watch Jordan to see what he would do coming off injury, and to watch my old rival Compton fly around the track for the fastest split. That wasn't the question, just how much quicker than everyone else he would be was intriguing. 1512 for that guy. Way to go man!

Way to go CRC for the event, the members for all doing their part - despite the weather, and to a new world record by a more than comfortable cushion of 6 hours! Take that Florida Striders!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Checking out the first day of the 100x5k

After duties and obligations, I was able to sneak off to the PDS track late in the afternoon during the middle of the rain clouds overhead. Having only run 2 days prior in the week, and with my leg of the race coming up - I sided to stay easy and short, rather than make up for lost time to stack my weekly miles. I found Jordan and Meagan under a tent on the infield with a stack of Karhu running shoes, free to sample for a run. I opted to slip on the lime green Fast 2.

Went out towards Landsdown and jogged through that neighborhood and back for a total of about 3.5 miles.

With the Relay in the 10th and 11th hour, I was able to watch a couple notable performances. Alana Hadley (1709), Caitlin Chrisman (1725), and Jason Martin (18??).

Miles: 3.5+
Time: 27.30
Pace: 7.40

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Easy 5

After a couple days overnight in the Dallas, TX area - I arrived home and cut the grass, visited with the wife and baby, and set out to get in an easy 5 miles. My legs were fully recovered from the 9 on Monday, and I remember that this was a pretty run of the mill .... run.

Miles: 5
Time: ? (Deleted from my watch)
Pace: ?

Monday, March 21, 2011

Squeezing in a few more miles than normal

After the rest on Sunday, David and I settled on a 9 mile run afterwork. We left from his place in Sedgefield, and roamed the streets of Dilworth, Myers Park, and South-End. The pace was honest, and the legs felt pretty good.

Miles: 9
Time: 1.09.42
Pace: 7.42

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Shamrock 4 Miler


I went into the race with maybe too lofty a goal, but nonetheless I wanted to be very close to 23 mins, if not under, for the 4 mile race. After a nice 1.5 warmup with David, I was feeling good and ready to get going. I made my way up front rather quickly from the gun, and found myself in the second pack of runners the first mile. The leaders were way out in front, and a few making up the first pack were pulling away from me and my pack after half a mile. The first mile was pretty much a downhill portion, so the quick pace felt pretty easy. I split the first mile pretty much right on time at 5.46

After that, the pack started to thin out, and I found myself singled out by 10-20 yards from people in front of behind me. The second mile rolled along, and I split 5.53. I didn't feel like I fell off, but the course flattened out and rolled up and down so this makes sense.

After doing the U turn to come home the pace slowed as we started to climb the gradual hill that is Ballantyne Commons. Clicked through in 6.12. Wow - big fall off. Still, no one was coming up on me or passing me and I felt more focused that the last race.

I managed to bring the pace down to a 6 flat 4th mile, and finish strong staying in the same posistion I had found myself from the first mile on.

14th place

the 5.58 pace is not where I thought I would be, but I guess due to the hillier course than I expected and my unrealistic presumptions, it is where I am. Definitly an improvement, and I hope to keep building on it.

Shout out to Bob, David, Oelz, Alecia, and Megan Polovick - and my old highschool rival John Compton, on the win!

Friday, March 18, 2011

2 mile shake out

After work, I laced up the Pegasus and hit the roads for a light 2 mile shake out. Honestly, I should not be so slack, but I wanted my legs to feel good going in the 4 mile race, to get a nice boost to start the Run For Your Life Grand Prix Series. After last months poor performance at the Cupid Cup 5k, I needed some confidence, so i stopped after 2 miles and called it a day.

The legs are feeling pretty good after a harder run earlier this week. Not 100% but they are ready to go.

Miles: 2
Time: 16.30
pace: 8.15

trip down memory lane (ASU XC Archives)

With the Shamrock 4 miler tomorrow, I started wondering what my one and only result was for a 4 mile race. In 2004, my JR. year at AppState, we hosted the last regular season cross country meet our team would race, before going into the Southern Conference Championships down in Greenville, SC.

That season was my last season running for App State. I quit right before Indoor Track started that winter. In Cross Country, the top 9 runners for the team make the squad to run at the Conference Meet, and in my Freshmen and Sophomore year I had just missed the cut, as I was the 10th man on the team. However my JR. year I held on to the 9th spot on the team and ended up representing App. State at the conference meet.

Back to the 4 miler, I was able to uncover a website with the results from that race back in 2004. HERE IS THE LINK. A respectable 5:20 pace.

Of course, I started looking up all these other results from my collegiate cross country days.

+ My 8k Personal Record

+ Freshmen Year (2002) XC

+ Sophomore Year (2003) XC

I don't really know what to expect tomorrow, but it would feel successful if I can get under 23 minutes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fartlek in Southend/Dilworth

Opting to forgo the track...again, David and I met where he stays over in Sedgefield for a nice little workout - fartlek style. We determined to repeat what I had done last week.

Here is the Link from his Garmin.

The workout: 8 min warmup, 5 min hard (2 min jog) x 4, cool down.

The legs felt quicker and smoother than last week's run. You can see for the middle 4 miles we averaged 6.33 pace which INCLUDES the intermitent rest periods. Based on my calculations - and David's hollaring during the run - we were running approx 6.07 pace overall for the HARD segments. Definitly not bad!

Miles: 6.4

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Discovering the Changes for the Boston Marathon

Although the registration process officially changed last month, I just now stumbled upon the news. I was not expecting the change to impact me personally, as I attempt to register for the 2012 race, so this comes as somewhat of a surprise. A surprise that is met with a little bit of anxiety.

Here is theLink for the official process going forward.

I believe that currently 3:10:59 will get you into Boston, so I am pretty sure that my 3:00.40 qualifies as 10 mins or faster...which would put me in the 2nd tier registration window. If that is indeed the case, then I am more confident that I will be able to get in.

I hope my time is quick enough for this new system of entry, but I can't be sure - seeing how last year filled up in 8 hours! That tells me there are a LOT of qualifying runners out there.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed, and if any reader out there can help me be more certain that my 3:00.40 would be good enough for the '10 mins or greater rule' - please let me know.

Monday, March 14, 2011

short and sweet

this shouldn't even qualify for a post, but I must! After zonking out on the couch from 5-7 after work, I made myself go get in the bare minimal for a run: 20 mins.

Miles: 2.5
Time: 20.00
Pace: 8

Just super tired, and legs kinda slow from the long run Sunday.

**This past week I hit 27.5 miles on 4 days. Over the last 8 weeks - since I have started back - I have averaged around 25 miles per week. I've had probably 70% of those weeks made up of 4 days running, and the other 30% made up of 5 days running**

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pretty Day Long Run

Miles: 9
Time: 1.07.50
Pace: 7.32

Out and back from McMullen.

Ran with Oelz and David. Weather was warm and the trail was packed. We started off at a modest 740ish pace, and got it down around 730 for the middle miles. David and I turned it up the last few miles, dropping it to 7:20s into 7:11 for the last mile.

Legs felt fine, but my knees began to get sore from the pounding. This was the farthest run since the marathon for me, so the last mile I was feeling it for sure. My breathing is good though.

Garmin Link for the run

Friday, March 11, 2011

where can i go?

running from home is starting to feel routine, and I'm trying to squeez every best route out I can from home in to keep the runs fresh. Anyway, I ran the quickest way out to Freedom Park from my house via the Little Sugar Creek Greenway. Turned around at 25 mins, and made it back just a hair quicker.

Legs didnt feel as fast as yesterday, but it was fine.

Miles: 6.5
Time: 49.51
Pace: 7.40

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Northern Alabama

Specifically, Florence. I'm sure you have heard of Muscle Shoals. Well it's a tri-cities type, make that 4 cities (Tuccombia, Sheffeild, Florence, Muscle Shoals). Anyway, after I checked into the Hampton Inn in Florence, I set out for a run to take up around 45 mins.

Since i've been here before, and ran here before, I thought I'd go back to familiar ground - the park along the river....but it was flooded. so I ran along the water as best I could, and headed back up to the hotel and kept going. Ended up at University of North Alabama campus, and it was very pretty. The buildings were beautiful, and the homes were historic around those parts.

Got back, ordered a hawaiian chicken papa johns pizza, watched the heat lakers game, and then headed to the bar. DPs in Sheffield. Neighboring town. To my friends delight, i met Jason Isbell of current independent fame, and former Drive By Truckers Fame. He was at DP's Classic Grill, where I was instructed to go and scoop out. Anyway, the bartender introduced us - we bought each other shots, played pool and generally hung out, so it was a cool night. For sure.

Miles: 6
Time: 45.19
Pace 7.30


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2x5mins into 2x6 mins

Thought I could use some sort of workout, and not wanting to do run at the track today, decided to do a farlek. Wanted to run around 40 mins total, so kind of made this up on the fly.

Warm up: 8 mins
Fartlek: 5mins hard, 2min rest, 5mins hard, 2min rest, 6min hard, 2min rest, 6min hard
Cool down: 6 mins

Total: 42 mins

Distance for total: (per 6 miles
Pace for total run: 7:00

I didn't feel weak or tired, so this was pretty good. Wasn't the "snappiest" run I've had in recent memory, but it was a solid showing. Felt that I was able to maintain pace for all 4 hard segments, and a testament to that is me throwing on an extra minute of "hard" on the last two sets.

Also, yesterday I signed up for the 2011 Charlotte Grand Prix Series. It's 11 road races throughout the year, comprised MOSTLY of 5ks. I know I will miss one race right off the bat, but I'm planning on doing all the rest. I gave this some thought, and feel like I'm motivated to see it through for the year. The competitive juices are sure to be flowing as I try and stay (or get to) high in the standings. I don't really know what to expect, but I'm excited to have a plan to stay in good shape all year. This will serve me well as I go into 2012 when I race the Boston Marathon. On top of the GPX, I will probably do Thunder Road marathon again this year. The Series will keep me out of marathon prospects until Novemeber....which is fine by me. Can't wait to see how all these shorter races go!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

McMullen Creek submerged

Decided to drive to McMullen to change it up for the weeks final run. Needed a change of scenery. As it had been raining all day, when I got to the park around 5, the rain had stopped but there was hardly anyone out. It was cloudy and cool, so I ran in a long sleeve t and was comfortable. About a quarter into my run, the clouds gave way to briliant blue sky, with a crispness in the air. The trail was very peaceful and pretty...and soaked. About 2 miles in, I came to my first obstacle - a flooded stretch that I did not want to forge. I improvised and cut up a backyard onto a nearby street and ran back down a yard a few hundred meters later back to the other side of the trail. Kept going and noticed another underwater stretch but could tell it was not that deep. Did my best "walking on water" technique by sprinting across to try and minimize the drenching, and got through and kept running. About 3.5 miles out I finally was stopped by a stretch too deep to cross, and nowhere to go around. So I turned around, wet shoes and all, and headed back to the start. I tacked on another mile or so to call it 8 for the day.

Miles: 8
Time: 59.17
Pace 7.25

Saturday, March 5, 2011

squeezing in miles in the sprinkling rain

Had a short amount of time to get my run in, as Katie was going out for the afternoon and I was going to be on baby duty. I did a mile out and back for 2, then checked and noticed I had some more time, so I did a half mile out and back for another 1, then saw I had some time still. Decided to run around the block a few times before I was needed and she took off. Was able to get in 5 miles. Not bad.

Miles: 5
Time: 36.59
Pace: 7.23

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Charging up Hills

Went into the run just expecting a normal 730's easy run on the chosen hilly route. After feeling pretty good the first mile and splitting low 7's, I was surprised.

This run was great. It didn't get too fast, but it served as a great training run with the hills and quicker pace.

I am going to try and link David's Garmin recap HERE

Miles: 5.74
Pace: 7.04

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

out n back...feeling good

why does map my run always seem to get me excited with my pace, but when I run with someone who has a garmin, it seems to never be as far as I thought? Well, today I was pumped up to run, after having ate well all throughout the day and taking Monday off. I felt like I was going to feel good, so I decided to run a new route to keep it fresh. I wanted to keep it pretty direct, so I exited my neighborhood and got on archdale as soon as I could, and took that almost all the way to the Park Rd. intersection, but I decided to take a quick right and cut off the corner through the neighborhood - before quickly being dumped back onto Park heading South. Once I hit 20 minutes - which was right at the Seth Thomas street - I turned around, and hoped I would finish a little faster without too much effort.

Running on busy streets in my mind seems to feel fast, but whether the pace really is I'm not so sure. The cars flying by I think gives it that illusion. Anyway, I finished 18 seconds quicker coming back, and called it a success. Did some strides (4x100m) afterwards.

Distance (take with a grain of salt, but mapmyrun has it as this): 5.6
Time: 39:42
Pace: 7:05