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Sunday, February 27, 2011

almost sweatin' weather!

Charlotte was alive and outside as I ran around noon on this mid 70's day (and climbing!). I ran from home out to the H-Town park/greenway, and did the normal "8" mile route - probably closer to 7.75mi. Anyway, this run was a trot from the get go. north of 8 mins for the first mile, and just wore it and went with it to the end. I felt dehydrated from some drinking on Saturday night, and not very well fueld up from the brief morning I was out of bed before I laced em up. Anyway, I was able to complete the task, and not have the beautiful weather be lost on the slow affair.

Miles: >8
Time: 1.03.13
Pace: 8.05

Friday, February 25, 2011

fizzeling at the end

Distance: 5
Time: ~ 37
Splits: 7:12, 7:18, 7:49, 7:28, 8:04

Out and back down Colchester and then back up - why the 3rd mile was slow. Such a hilly run, but the last mile I was just dead so let my legs dictate the slow need.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

New starting point

David just closed on his own new house in Madison Park, and we met there for our run this evening. His garmin is still in the shop, but his mapping unviels we ran a 6.25mi route. I kept time for the run, as we did an out - n - back.

We ran to Seneca, crossed it, down wedgewood back to seneca, up park rd, down abby pl, and over to the greenway trail.

Legs felt really great, and such a positive vibe from that, as my last few runs had me sulking about poor proformances. It needs to be noted that I ate more today, had a protein shake after the day before's run, and took a multi vitamin during work. No doubt that stuff helps.

Miles: 6.25
Time: 46.07
Pace: 7.22

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

low fuel = poor runs

Per usual, I started my run at 5pm - right after work. Let me back up and tell you what I had to eat today., Lunch....4 inches of a leftover Jersey Mikes sandwhich, Afternoon snack....nothing. Yeah so I didn't really have much in the tank. On top of that, I have slacked off in taking protein shakes and daily multi vitamins....two things I need to re-incorporate if I want to take my running seriously, along with eating more during the day.

That being said, I was dreading the run, and decided to do the minimal - 4 miles, with miles 2,3 being "hard".

Splits: 7:29, 6:47, 6:40, 7:09 (short miles).

Distance: 4 mi.

This was harder than it looks on paper.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

run around sedgefield

Met at David's and ran just before dark. Legs felt better, and running with a buddy got me going again.

Miles: 4.3
Time: 32.16
Pace: 7.28

Sunday, February 20, 2011

hilly way (h-town>starmont>montclair

going from home, to H-town, down colchester, is the only easy part of the route. When you have to go back through starmont after, it's 4 big hill climbs. My legs felt totally wasted from the get go, so this was a run in just fighting to not walk!

miles: 5.8
time: 46
Pace: 8

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Neighborhood perimeter

Miles: 6.9
Time: 55 mins
Pace: >8

went down to starmount from my house, but crept along the perimeter as it hugs south blvd., and as far south as I could go, before I wound around and went into Huntington Farms park and back the old familiar way.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Santa Monica stroll

Miles: 6.2
Time: 50 mins
Pace: 8

Headed North, from Bohle's place, and ran past the Santa Monica pier, and up the path through palm trees and manicured lawns, on a dirt path up the shorelined road. Beautiful place.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Venice Beach Pier

Miles: 3
Time: 24 mins
Pace: 8 mins

From Chris Bohle's place, ran south to the Venice Beach pier and back. Good sights, and good weather.

Monday, February 14, 2011

neighborhood loop

miles: 5.8
time: don't remember (deleted from watch)
Pace: pretty good, 730s?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupid's Cup 5k

It was cold and I wore pants. Not doing that again.

Went out way too fast - 540 (all uphill), and then died. Mentally couldn't regain focus after "hitting the wall" at mile 1. Everyone passed and I just trotted it in.

mile 2, 620, mile 3, 600 (all downhill = no good!)

Anyway, 18:36 for the race. Could have been better (wearing shorts and not flying first mile.)

Motivated to improve so I can get up in the standings.

Miles: >5 for the day

Friday, February 11, 2011

recovery/prep miles

Distance: 4 miles
Time: 29:15
Pace: 7:19

The pace was a little quicker because I threw in a few surges to get the legs going in preparation for Saturday's race. Wanted to feel fast, while also shake the legs out from the track workout the other day. Legs feeling pretty good.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little bit of speed

Probably not the best idea to dive into 800s after only 3 weeks back into running, but with a 5k on Saturday I wanted to get some turnover more than I wanted to be prudent.

David and I met at AG Bell track afterwork, and set off for an approx. 1.5 mile warmup. As we were lining up at the start of the track, I thought I'd like to hit 245 for the first of 4 800s, and see what that felt like. It didn't feel too bad. Wanted to have a break of 1:30-2 mins, jogging 200 meters.

I was able to hit negative splits, and felt pretty good about the workout. It wasn't too grueling, yet still it was rewarding given the short rest, and adjustment to turnover.

When we finished, we cooled down for about a mile and a half again.

Splits: 248, 245, 243, 237
Rest: 154, 151, 154
Total Miles: 5.5

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

steady as she goes

It's a common phrase, a song's title, an expression I heard in conversation today, and a description of the pace.

Felt real sluggish and malnourished going into the run, but I was able to get some peanut butter and honey crackers in right before to give me a little boost. David came over, and we set out to run the loop that is about a quarter mile under 8. I used to call it 8, but after several varifications from David's garmin - the distance is about 7.75. We came through the first mile in 7:34, and that was the magic number for the day as 5 of the miles hit that time exactly. The loop is pretty hilly, as I'm sure my loyal readers know, so it was pretty cool to see us hold that pace. Felt a little awkwardness in the right knee, but it wasn't discomft - so just something to stay aware of.

Splits: 732, 735, 723 (Colchester's downhill), 734, 733, 734, 724, 5.20 (.75)
Time: 57.58
Pace: 7.28
Miles: 7.75

Sunday, February 6, 2011

lite run in the sun

beautiful blue skys, and super bowl buzz in the air. After coffee, waffle, yogurt, cereal, and some morning reading, I completed a nice little 4 mile run. Did the standard 4 mile loop around Montclair, and my legs felt real good after a couple miles once some of the lactic acid went away.

miles: 4
Time: 30.13
Pace: 7.33

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1st Long Run of 2011

Having enough 4-6 mile runs under my belt, I was ready for a run that would last over an hour. Oelz came over, and we set out for the downhill roads heading south through Starmont, and over to H-Town. We kept the pace conversational and comfortable from the get go, and we handled the hill up Colchester without too much work. Instead of heading back to Montclaire, we took a right on Archdale and then took the left down Park Rd. We came back through Seneca after taking a quick look at David's new house. Oelz and I both noticed that the last couple miles seemed to be when lactic acid took effect in our legs. No surprise there.

Miles: ~8
Time: 1.03
Pace: 7:45-8

Thursday, February 3, 2011

solid pace solid run

David came over to my house after work and we set out to do around 6 miles. We did one of the routes I have done recently, going into Starmont and Huntingtown farms connecting over the bridge, but this time did it "backwards". Up Burnley and into Starmont, the hills are rolling and there seems to be more down than up. After we were across neighborhoods, we climbed Colchester hill pretty well and headed home, not loosing pace.

Time: 43:29
Pace: 7:31

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

4 miler with Brinkley

Ran with David from his place around Sedgfield and Freedom Park. Just did a 4 mile loop as I had to get back to babysit. Weather was cool, and damp, and our pace was just a little bit faster than a normal recovery run. The link is to the run from David's Garmin.

Time: 7:54, 7:11, 7:44, 7:00 - 29:49
Pace: 7:27
Miles: 4