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Monday, June 28, 2010

Stephen Haas

I celebrated my old teammate, Mike Mitchell's wedding this weekend, and from it I got a chance to see a few people from years past. Mike ran for North Meck, who boasted one of the best cross country teams in the country in 2000. Stephen Haas was their number one runner, and he was so good that he was one of the best runners in the country during his Sr. year of high school. I remember watching him battle Ricky Brookshire at McAlpine during States in 1999, and Stephen winning easily in 2000.

I met Stephen my freshmen year at Appalachian State when he came up to visit one week. Mike introduced me to him, and I have kept an eye on his career from time to time ever since.

I knew that he was running professionally, but when I got a chance to talk with him briefly at the wedding I learned that he was now focusing on marathons and half marathons. I was very impressed when he told me he ran his first marathon in 2:18 after only 8 weeks of true training, and that he was going for 2:10 on his next one -Chicago coming up in October. He also told me he ran a half marathon last weekend, but didn't say what his time was. I looked it up and he clocked an astounding 1:05:22.

So anyway, I found this article on Stephen today and it got me pumped up to go run. I hope you'll check it out.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Final Mile

Jumping into these track meets this month has really been a good experience. Like I said before, it had been 6 years since I even put on a pair of spikes or raced a put on track event. Going 524 on my first race a couple weeks ago, and then 518 last week, I was hoping to keep the trend going and break 515 on this last race of the year. (Even though next week is the last meet, I will be out of town)

Being the hottest day of the year so far didn't help my chances, but I was optimistic non the less. This time I actually had a run under my belt since the last Tuesday meet, and I was thinking I had to be in a little better shape. With it being so hot, I really didn't feel like doing a lot in terms of warming up. Didn't think I really had to, and thought it would just zap my energy more.

So after 2-3 mins of jogging and some strectching I took the starting line, shirtless we were most of the men, and went off. Was hoping to come through in around 230 and hold on to get under 515. Hit the first lap in 120, and realized I hadn't gone out fast enough. Tried to slight increase the pace the next lap, but wanted to feel good enough going into the last half that I could finish strong. Under estimated my pace and came through in 240, splitting 119. I definitly felt the best going into lap 3 of all the miles this year, but I was just not in good enough shape to negative split. I held on and cross 1209 meeters (because of the mile it's longer than 1600 so you start behind the line) in 402, and then had a good effort finishing 520 flat. I was competitive the last lap and was able to pick off a couple people, but my overall speed was not there today - I think due to the weather I was slower than last week although I felt stronger than last week.

Anyway that's that. It was fun for the last few weeks, and now I have a little springboard to keep me running through the summer. I now have my sights set on doing, potentially, the Virginia Beach half marathon Sep. 5th.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A little bit faster now!

What happens when you race a mile off zero training in 3 months (see previous post) and then race 1 week later with no running since...

Well, after last weeks mile where I went out in 68 - I decided I would try and pace it a little more evenly and see what happens. I wasn't even sure I could improve on a 5:24 given the last 7 days off, but at least I would attempt it with a differnt strategy. Plus I had my long time teammate / running friend Mike Oelz racing with me, so that made it a little more competitive.

It was sure hot though - 90 plus with humidity. Not that it really comes into play on a 5 minute all out run. So, I ended up going almost entirely even splits - which is hard to do no matter what kind of shape you are in when you are giving a full effort. Useually you either go hard and hold on, or negative split and finish faster. I went through in 1:19, 2:39, 3:59, 5:18.

After an easy first lap, I did a little surge on the back stretch and passed Mike and settled back into the pace. I didn't have to out kick any girls the last 100m this time, although I knew they were close the whole race.

It was hard for me to finish well, I know I still have some more left - but it's hard to conjure it up when you aren't used to dealing with the pain.

Anycase, it was an improvement, and I plan on running this week and trying it again and see if I can go lower.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Track Series at Myers Park High School

I've basically run 3 times since the end of Feb., totaling no more than 10 miles in all since then as well. I thought it would be cool to see what I could run a mile in with no training, out of shape, simply on what I am capable of after months off from running. It wasn't until I came across Theoden's Blog on a few days ago, where I was reminded of the track series going on at Myers Park, that I decided I'd do it.

This track series has been going on Tuesday's in June, for quite some time. I remember doing a couple mile races after highschool track, and then in the summer during college.

Actually the last time I did it was 2002 or 2003, and I had been hanging out at my friend Taylor's house drinking some beers and enjoying his pool in his back yard, that I drove over and laced up and ran 4:49 - a little tipsy.

This time I was hoping that my regular, non-running-fitness would yeild a time sub 5:30. Katie came and watched, and I jogged around the track for about 8-10 mins and warmed up, and laced up my spikes. Pretty certain this was the first time I put spikes on since I was at Appalachian running in 2004. I enjoyed the feeling, as I got a little adrenaline pumping, and took to the starting line.

I recognized a few fast runners, and I was off with the first group the first 200 meters and knew I would probably die later. Not to get too long winded about this, I ran 108,118(2:26), 124(3:50), 1:35 (5:25). I found a little kick to stave off the charging female the last 100 meters.

That's pretty much how I always ran anyway though, going out hard. This time just shows how when you are not in any running shape, the quickness with which fatigue sets in.

It was fun though! Plan on doing it next week!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time to get back in shape!

Maybe I'm a sucker for pain - or just lazy. But at least I come back to it. Most people swear getting in shape is the hardest part, but it seems like I tend to "get in" shape an awful lot for being one who runs kind-of-sort-of often. Hey, at least I keep coming back to it!

I ran 3 miles with David at Freedom park. The goal was to stay in shape, post marathon, but with my knee injury I really haven't run at all since then (basically)! I tested out my knee about 2 weeks after my race (around mid March), and the pain was so bad I knew I couldn't keep running for a while. After going to the DR. a week or so after that, I was told to keep off my feet for a few more weeks. So when a break from running turned into more than a month - I was officially back to being a lazy bum - or just not running if that makes you feel better.

So, other than a 2 mile run last week - this was pretty much the first run (over 20 mins) of substance since the 'thon, coming more than 3 months later. At least now the knee seems to be fully healed.

Really, I just was getting tired of not feeling like I was working my body out, and thus I was finding myself sleeping lighter and falling asleep later. I missed the feeling of exercise, and sleeping like a rock at night. That, as well as needing to tone my body up for the beach this summer (haha!), and the need to get back to the gym so I won't get upset at the amount of money the YMCA collects off my non use, has got me back on the groove of shaping up again.

I am going to try and stay relatively consistant with getting back in decent running shape, as well as trying to hit the gym a couple times a week to get some muscle back and to work out the legs to keep the injury bug at bay.

Distance: 3 miles
Time: 23.56
Pace: 8 min +