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Sunday, February 19, 2012

happy with my week

Filling in the rest of the week, Friday and Saturday saw low mileage but improvement with using the days to get a run in. Sunday, I awoke early and met my friends at McAlpine to make it two early long run Sundays in a row. 5 days running where I had been averaging 3 days a week for more than the last month. 35 miles 

Friday, Feb. 17th: nice day but just casual here going with what the legs gave me
miles: 4.6
pace: 7.42
time: 35:17

Saturday, Feb 18th: - slow and steady.
miles: 3.8
pace: 8:27
time: 32.19

Sunday, Feb 19th: - nice big group at McAlpine in cold mist
miles: 13.23
pace: 7:09
time: 1:34:43

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two for the road

Tuesday, Feb. 14th:  EASY RUN. I made love to this run. No. But it was understood I was going to get a run in after work before date night with wifey. This one was smooth as silk. Ran with music and it helped pass the time. I kept the pace easy, slow, and smooth. The hills behind my neighborhood still are no walk in the park.

Miles: 6.3
Time: 49:48
Pace: 7.54

Thursday, Feb. 16th: TRACK WORKOUT. First time since last fall. Craving some speed and turnover. The weather was humid, 50's, foggy, steamy, and perfect. Ran with Jason Blackwood at Marion Diehl track after work.
Workout: 6x600m with 2 min rest. Goal: 2:05 (5:35 pace) and faster, without feeling like im gunning the whole time. Not too tall an order.
    2:04, 2:05, 2:03, 2:02, 1:58, 1:45
Only the last one did I really go hard. And that's about as hard as I can go right now (4:40 pace). It felt fun and something fresh. I'd like to visit the track again soon to keep working on my speed.
  With warm up and cool down for the day got in...
Miles: 7

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Conquering Run

If you know me, you would know that going to bed by 10 on Saturday, waking up at 7 to go run on Sunday, and doing it all to be outside in 19 degrees to get in a long run is all something I would never typically do. However, since I got to bed early, I made up my mind - out of desperation since my training has gotten so soft. I needed this run, to keep my spirits going as I continue to "train" for Boston.

And running with a great group was very awesome. Made the run go by so quick, the pace seem so comfortable, and was amazing to get it out of the way for the day.

We started off with our slowest mile at 7:30, and then were pretty much off. Not that we were trying to hammer, just that it was cold, the pack was large, and the runners are talented. Was able to hold on and not feel too taxed.

Longest run since Thunder Road '11, and pleased with the effort.

Miles: 12.1
Time: 1:26:05
Pace: 7:07

Week in Review: 24 miles on 3 days. One medium slow, one short, and one long at medium pace

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The last couple of runs

Wednesday, Feb 8th:
      After 3 days of no running, set out once I got back from Greenville, SC from my day of work. I did stop for a couple brews in Cramerton, so I was a little sluggish - plus just tight from not running since last Saturday (which was the Winter Flight 8k race). Anyway, started off at a good pace, but got slower towards the middle and end. At least I was happy for getting the loop in. I ran out towards Huntingtown farms and did the old 8 mile loop, full of hills.
Miles: 7.73
Time: 1:00:55
Pace: 7:53

Thursday, Feb 9th
      With a basketball game later in the night yet to be played, I wanted to keep this run short and quicker - to get back that feeling after the slow trudge yesterday. Started off how I wanted. Quicker, and not feeling like I was forcing it. Able to hold it fine, and finish quicker. Mission accomplished.
Miles: 3.96
Time: 28:17
Pace: 7:09

Saturday, February 4, 2012

2012 Winter Flight 8k race recap

Hey hey - surprised myself here. What a fun race and great morning. Having now done this race twice, I find it to be one of my favorite road races out there. Why? The course is cool, it's cheap, long sleeve tech t, late start, i love the course, and it's run very smoothly.

Last year it was sunny and cool, this year it was rainy and cool. By rainy, I mean that it lightly sprinkled throughout the race, but not heavy enough to ruin the experience.

my fuel for the day was 1.5 chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter on top, and drizzled in syrup. For drink I had a Gatorade and a Dunkin' Doughnuts small coffee.

Warm up was just over a mile in 8:30's pace. Got up to the front, about 2nd row from the starting line. Legs felt good, and I felt rather quick and light, thanks to my Lunar Racers. Took off and settled into the race the first mile in 6:05-10 pace. Allowed Jason and his group to get up in front, and was able to watch Mitchell go out with the leaders - or right behind them anyway. Came through the first mile in 6:12 and felt fine. The course begins to climb and I tried to overcompensate to stay on pace. Cresting the hill I found myself at 6:15-20 pace and begin to adjust to get it back down towards 6 flat. The hill downward helped. Here, the course lets you out onto the long straightaway hilly country roads where the bulk of the race takes place.

Came through mile two a tad faster and feeling fine. Jason and his pack were slowly coming into reach, and the next long climb was upon us. I think it was around 2.5 miles when I caught up to Jason and his pack as we elevated up the hill. Initially I passed, then he passed right back, then we kind of grouped up, them right off my right shoulder.

After we peaked on the hill, the older gentlemen (John Anderson) in the pack went around me and sped up until he got a couple meters gap on me. At 3 miles I stayed even from mile two on the pace, and managed not letting this new member of the pack I just passed, continue to build on his lead. My focus was on him, and not the other people in the pack I had just passed. I kept him in contact that third mile, and as we sped along at a slight decline, our 4th mile quickened, especially when I made my move to pass him just before splitting 4 miles in the race. As we approached the last mile, around 3.8 miles,  I told myself to work on passing him and ride this stretch into the last mile's pickup.  Basically I decided to make my move before a mile to go, and not relent. The slower start allowed me to feel ready to attack, and I was focused on putting as much ground between the people I had passed, and not letting them get back to me. While I was doing this, a guy in front of me (Joseph Willis), who had been too far out of reach for me to worry about, started to come into view. I was telling myself to keep going, not to let up, and mentally was breaking down the last mile into quarters as I visually pictured getting closer and closer to being done. The last half mile of the race gives you a reprieve from the final hill you just climbed, and descends down into Catawba College campus and winds you to the entrance of the stadium. A few sharp curves are present here, and during this stretch I passed the guy who had been long in front of me the whole race. Again, he initially passed me back, then I made one more strong move, right before being let onto the track, where I passed him back. I was in top gear at this time, and just had 300 meters to go. I was determined to not let anyone pass me back, and just drove deep and tried to get onto my toes and turn my feet over as fast as I could. I glanced up at the scoreboard and saw the official race time tick up. As long as I ran the last 200 meters in under a minute I would have broken 30 mins for the race, something I wasn't sure I could do going into the race. I held on and finished strong and came in officially at 29:40 - good for 6th place. My friend Mike Mitchell was in 5th place, but had finished more than 2 minutes earlier.

I had a blast out there. It was especially enjoyable because I started off conservative, and was able to really pick it up the last couple miles. Finishing strong is always the best thing, and it doesn't always play out like that. I loved the camaraderie of my friends being out there, and BBQ in China Grove after was a nice cap on the event.

Great Race to Jason too - check out his recap

Race Time: 29:40
Pace: 5:58
Splits: 6.12, 6:01, 6.01, 5:50, 5:34
Place: 6th
Link to results
miles for the day - 8 - 1 mi w/u, 2 mi c/d

Week in review: 15 miles on 3 days running. 2 short runs, and 1 race.

Friday, February 3, 2012

looking towards the race tomorrow

It can be summarized that I have averaged 20 miles a week so far in 2012. And this week I have run a total of 6 miles on two runs around 8:45 pace. I don't know what all that means, other than my training has been slack. But I look at it like this: I'm fine with it.

I hope I can run faster than last year, but I really have no idea how my legs are going to respond. I should be pretty fresh. Just looking forward to racing for the first time since Nov. last year.

Tonight going to Olive Garden where I'll get to use a gift card and eat a good pre race meal. Looking to probably have a glass of Pinot Noir, some sort of marana based sauce, and perhaps some chicken. Some declicious "never ending breadsticks" and salad will accompany that, along with my gorgeous wife.

Then, I see myself flipping on Netflix, catching a couple episodes of Arrested Development, and turning in early with Katie.

Get up around 8 (if Avery lets us sleep that late), grab some grub and hit the road, where I'll arrive at Catawba College a little after 9. Should be able to get my race packet by 930, and then proceed to jog around for 5-10 mins at 8+ min per mile pace. Then, I'll take the line and get ready for the gun.

I'll probably get out quick and force myself to settle in, looking at my watch and realizing I'm not going as fast as I thought, but still come through the first mile in 6:10. I'll see Jason and Mitchell and maybe Baum ahead of me, but I'll wait. Try and stay even the second mile, but maybe put a little move on the first long hill.
Would like to stay around 6-610 for the first 3 miles, and then get to 555-6 for the 4th mile. Then, I'm hoping I can muster a 5:50 last mile.

We shall see!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Glad Jan. is over

Friday, Jan. 27th
 Got back into town from driving up from Atlanta, and dropped the car off and ran from the lot. The pace was easy and reserved, and just strolled out towards Little Sugar Creek Greenway South, for an out and back.
Miles: 6.68
Time: 51:53
Pace: 7:46

Saturday, Jan 28th
  Met Brian Baum, Mike Mitchell, David, and Jason at Mcalpine for a long run. David just ran a mile or so with as he was cooling down, Mitchell just a few miles as he had started earlier, Jason just a few miles as well as he was on the tail end of his long run, and Brian ran all of it with me since we got there about the same time. Pace started out a little quicker than I liked, but was able to hold on and drop it some the last couple miles, all without going too fast. Was happy to hit my longest run since the marathon, at 11 flat.
Miles: 11
Time: 1:21:49
Pace: 7:26

Week recap: 23.18 miles on 3 days. One quicker, one easy, and one long.

Monday, Jan 30th:
  Some very slow running, pushing Avery in the stroller for the first 1.8 - by then she was fussing to get out. So I added on a little more and closed with just over  3 miles for the day. First couple were around mid to high 8's and the last was around 7:50-8.

Tuesday, Jan 31st:
 Some very slow running again - Again pushing Avery in the stroller
3.38 Miles
Time: 30:18
Pace: 8:58

Wednesday - exhausted and napped. no running!

Thursday - Basketball game; probably no running today other than the exertion in the game.