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Sunday, January 31, 2010

week 13 review

ran my highest mileage for the week at 53. Ran 5 days for the week, with a good track workout, solid recovery runs at paces that are dropping, and a completed 20 mile long run. Ran 178 miles for Jan. with weeks of 42, 48, 35, and 53 respectively. The tapering now begins for the race 3 weeks away.


Miles: 20
Time: 2.47.01
Pace: 8.21

this was the height of my distance training for this marathon. wanted to complete the task and not worry about time. This was a slow pace which was compounded with the snow and slush I had to run through, making the shoes heavy and footing hard to manage. Yet, I completed the assignment, and feel a good sense of accomplishment.

ran 4 miles to David's house, grabbed an ibuprofen, and did 12 with him. Consumed a power/energy gel after 12 miles and gulped it down with some snow. After we got back to his house, where I was at 16 miles, I grabbed a sip of water and shedded my running pants, one of the two longsleeve shirts, gloves and headband. The reduction in weight felt good those last 4 miles, but the chill did not.

The toughest miles were from 15-19, the last mile I actually felt a little better (probably cuz I knew I was almost done). I believe that when race days comes I'll be able to finish, and that my pace should be a little faster.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


miles: 6.5
time: 47.51
pace: 7.21

the streets were covered in a layer of ice and light snow and my shoes did slipping. Ran actually at a nice pace. Felt pretty good too. It was cold, but very enjoyable.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

the mighty Misses Sip

Miles: 9.5
time: 1:14:04
pace: 7:48

The rolling hills of the vicksburg national millitary park, located against the north west banks of the mississippi river,
served as a nice get away for a run, espially in the 70 degree weather. It was paved but it was intended for light traffic, and mostly bikers and runners. The natural landscape is just sprinkled with statues and monuments of Confederate war hero's and commanders as well as union cannon's and stone carvings.

talked to a guy in the parking lot and he told me of 2 loops I could do that would give me 5.5 miles - a 2.5 mile loop and a 3 mile loop. I followed his finger to the 2.5 mile course first and then when I came around believed that I was going into the 3 mile "loop". I must have missed my turn - I kept getting farther away from the car and it was getting dark. So when I passed 2 women walking their dogs we discoved the shortest way home was to go the way I came. So ended up with a nice moderatly long run.

Felt pretty good and was very occupied by the sights so it was kind of up and down on the tempo - but I didn't feel bad.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's starting to come together

warm up: 2 miles
workout: 3x3200m(2miles) with 1:30 rest
cool down: 1 mile

target was 6:30 pace or slighty faster.

Splits: 12:56(6:34,6:22), 12:48(6:24,6:24), 11:41(5:58,5:43)

Obviously this was a little easier than I thought when aiming for my target pace. Completed the first 2 sets comfortably at Alexander Graham Middle School on the paved track. Idea was on the last set to run 6:15-6:00 for the first mile and then under 6:00 for the last mile. This was easier than I thought too. Ran focused on the first mile for the last set, and then tried to negative split (go faster) the last mile. Really had to focus on getting on my toes and try and quicken the turnover. The weather was good: 40's and clear, although there was some wind.

The last two days have been very encouraging. Having back to back great days marks the first time that I've felt this good since training began. No knee problems today either.

Monday, January 25, 2010

from out of the blue

really surprised how today's run unfolded. As I said last week, a lot of times you get an idea of how the run is going to feel within the first minute. As I turned right out of my driveway, I could tell my legs were feeling fresh. I clicked through the first mile just over 7 minutes and I knew from the ease in that mile that this was going to be a good run.

Miles: 8
Time: 56:04
Pace: 7:00

On this super windy afternoon, I was able to maintain one of the most encouraging runs of the year. It felt like I was running into the wind for much of the duration, and I was also on a pretty hilly loop. I did the Huntingtown Farms loop, and didn't have hardly any discomfort with my knee. Pain only surfaced around mile 5 and that was minimal.

I guess running only 4 days last week, as well as a drop in mileage, provided my legs with some strength. Also, I was a little surprised given what my diet was today. Oatmeal for breakfast, 2 PB&J's for lunch, and that's it. I definitly felt light - and thought my tank was going to be on empty. With tomorrow being a planned workout day on the track, I just hope I still have enough fuel in the tank for something of quality.

Splits: 7:04, 7:01, 7:16, 7:06, 7:03, 7:03, 6:29, 6:58

Sunday, January 24, 2010

weekly total / nfl champions

In a year where we could have had Tom Watson and a potential Brett Farve win their respective championships at a remarkable age, we are given Stewart Cink and either Payton Manning or Drew Brees. In my mind, Farve is incredible regardless, and his career was complete, and who knows? maybe we will see him again next year.

week 12 of 16: 34.5 miles
days ran: 4
change from previous week (total miles): -29%

Satisfied with the week, especially how the cap off went yesterday. With less quantity and more quality this week, hopefully my knee is improving and my strength is getting better. Next week looks to be the longest total and single day miles for the calender, before the tapering starts.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

knockin it out with authority

Miles: 13
Time: 1:39:32
Pace: 7:37

With the deliberate restraint on 13, and the intentional ease on 1, the pace was quicker than any long run this year, as well as many average day runs. The legs felt good, and the breathing is still fine, but the only card I had to deal with today was feeling heavy. Not a surprise however, grubbing at Owens later than planned forced the stomach to stay stretched going into the run. Maybe if I had longer time after I ate until I ran, I could have clipped off a pace in the low 7:20's. Oh well.

Good news is, the knee didn't bother me in the beginning and was not even bothersome except for a slight discomfort in the middle of the run. Hopefully it's healing, whatever it was. Also good news: I get to take on the highlighted training run, the 20 mile long run, in one week.

Thanks to Larry Sprinkle errr David Brinkley for giving me the heads up on the weather forcast this weekend, and saving a likely soaked run had we gone along with routine and gone tomorrow. Now I can stay on the couch longer while it rains, and watch the NFL Championship games.

Swami sez: Colts 31 Jets 23, Saints 28 Vikings 27 (I Hope I'm wrong about the Saint's game.)

Friday, January 22, 2010

South Padre Island, TX

Miles: 6.5ish
Time: 51:47
Pace: 7:45-50ish

Thursday was a full day of travel and work entertaining, so with a 11am flight out, and an ETA in CLT at 5:40, my best bet was to get up early and knock out a run. Me not being a morning person, I didn't have too much problem with getting out of bed. It's not everyday you get to go for a morning run on the beach in South Padre.

I restrained myself the night before with the adult beverages, and said good night to my colleague and customer. Was on the beach at 10 after 7, and pushed off. The beach was very wide and flat, and the running on the hard wet sand was easy and nice. I clipped on my blackberry and plugged in the tunes, as well as snapped a couple of pics along the way. It was cloudy, and cool - perfect running weather, but no brilliant sunrises or clear blue skies. Not complaining though.

The miles on the beach felt great. What a serene feeling to start off any day like this. Very tranquil and centering. Not real sure how far I went before I turned around, but I think a little over 3. I would have enjoyed going a little farther, but I had to get a shower and head to the airport.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

even splits to the second

Miles: 7
Time: 52:04
Pace: 07:26

Headed off for an 'out-and-back', and hoping the legs would feel a little more crisp than yesterday. Set out to run through Madison Park, (where Montford turns into a street I can't recall and comes out on Woodlawn) and then head back for an even 7. Immediately, my legs felt closer to normal than yesterday, and I naturally settled into 7:30 pace right off the bat.

Shout out to Da Bossfor repping my previous post. I appreciate his encouragement. Ever since I got to know him when I was a freshy at CCS and he was a SR., he helped motivate me that first year of running. One thing I won't forget is how we both worked with each other a couple of the last meets of the season, and that motivation transcended into me desire to stay with running.

Anyway, I hit the turn around at 26:02, and closed exactly even for the second split. It was nice to run sub 7:30 without pushing, and although the pain in my knee remains, it's still tolerable and doesn't bother me the entire run. It seems that the pain has settled to a tiny spot, and enjoys coming and going at various times through out the run (as well as various times during the day). I wonder if it's tendinitis? Closed out the run with some good strides coming home, maybe 3 or 4 80 yard picks up where I just get some turn over and greater stride length. It feels good, and it's good for those final shake outs when closing.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

feeling the toll

Miles: 8
Time: 1:04:25
Pace: 8:03

I should have known better. I was unrealistic in my optimism that the run would be a swifter than normal pace. It's funny that, a lot of times, even the first few strides when you set out for a run tell you what kind of run you are going to be in for. You can think, 'Oh I'll run great today', or 'I bet I'll run like crap', and then as soon as you set off sometimes you find out that you are in for the very oposite.

I didn't really take into account that the 17 miles on Sunday was going to take so much out of me. Even with a day of rest afterwards, the tank can stay on empty even more so sometimes when you forgo the shake out run the day after.

This was the first run since I've owned a running watch in years. I didn't get a GPS watch, and figured I ran pretty well before that technology so why spend the extra money on it now. I'm happy to have a regular watch with 50 lap split capabilites.

Ran 8 miles, doing the Huntingtown Farms neighborhood loop. First mile was maybe barely under 8 min pace, but the rest of the time it was 8 min pace or slower. The good news is the knee didn't hurt right away, nor at the end of the run. It did hurt in the middle of the run when I was crawling along. I actually thought I was going to be reduced to walking, but after 5 miles I was back to a comfort level sustaining the 8 min mile pace.

Chalking this little "jog" up to the ramifications of going 17 miles 2 days prior. At least 8 miles on this run seemd short with my recent perspective!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

milestone run

Miles: 17
Time: 2:16
Pace: 8:00

I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go along with the plan after the knee started acting up this week. I was very anxious to check it off my list - running 17 for my long run - but I just didn't know how the knee would feel. I took Friday and Saturday off, although I nailed my knee against Josh's coffee table Saturday night in the same place of my injury. If I feel great, and my schedule permits, I'll run 6 days a week - normally 5, and if I'm feeling like I need to be careful then I at least try and make sure to get in 4 days during the week.

David and I met at Old Bell lot and set off around 2:30pm. Right away and through the first 2 miles my knee was hurting and sore, but then the pain went away and generally did not bother me for the next 15 miles. We kept the place conversational and easy and started consistently logging 8 minute miles. I was able to run shorts and shirt and actually be a little warm. Then the rain came and I was happy I was wearing dry fit and not cotton. It subsided and then the sun actually came out! We ended up back at the parking lot after 10 miles, so I took the chance to shed my shirt and take a power gel for the final 7 miles push. David finished up after 12 miles, and then I set off for a 2.5 out and then back to conclude at 17. Having run 12, knee feeling okay, and my power gel running through my system, I believed I could do 17 and at least hold the comfortable 8 min pace.

It's interesting, but in the 3 really long runs I've done now - after 12 miles it starts getting tough. That seems to be when lactic acid starts setting in, and the muscles just start feeling fatiuged. The good news is, I think the pain is less and my ability to go farther is improving easier each time. I came in probably under 8 min pace for the last mile, and felt tired - although not as completly whiped out as last Sunday. Maybe the gel helped.

Anyrate, the run was a success - the knee held up, and the weather felt like a treat running no shirt in 60 degrees for part of it! Definitly a welcome from last weeks 30 degrees.

Weekly Total: 38.8

**Monday I will be off (which, as I write this, is actually today) to rest the knee and recover from the miles. This is good, since my knee is very sore and I'm currently walking with a limp**

Thursday, January 14, 2010

mile repeats

Miles: 7.5
Workout: 6 x 1600
Target Pace: 6:30's ('litte' less than marathon pace)

It had been roughly 10 months since I had last run on a track. Last year David, Oelz, and I did some mile repeats - significantly faster - as a tune up for Cooper River Bridge Run. I ended up having a work conflict and couldn't run Cooper that year, so that was pretty much the end of my "training." Obviously training has resumed since, and with the marathon a little over a month away - I hope that this visit to the track doesn't again signal any kind of "end" to this season's training with my knee beginning to flair up the day prior.

(Don't worry folks, I'm generally an optomistic person, but it's also good to give the blog audience some 'drama')

With the left knee beginning to hurt for the first time on Wednesday's run - today was the first time I felt soreness when I wasn't running. I could feel a slight pain in just walking around putting stress on the knee, so I was kind of nervous about the run/workout.

David and I met at Myers Park for some mile repeats. The goal was to do 6 mile repeats a little slower than marathon pace: 6:30ish pace, with about 1:30 rest/jog between each one. This is more than a minute slower pace per mile that I probably will be going in the marathon, but for a workout it seemed about the right kind of target. We warmed up for about a half mile, and the knee immediatly was sore from the get-go. Nothing too painful to stop at this point, so I thought I'd start the workout and give it a good test. 6:30-45 was the target pace - for both of us for the first one; David was planning on running around 6:00 for the rest of his since he is tailoring his approach for his half marathon in early March.

I'll simply say this about the knee. The pain remained throughout. It was bareable, dull, and otherwise constant. It didn't effect my stride or gait, and the discomfort did not increase over time through the running, so I decided I was going to complete the task for the day.

Splits were: 6:35, 6:35, 6:36, 6:28, 6:29, 5:28

The first 5 I was feeling fine, and had to deliberatly hold myself back to stay on pace. David was out in front running his 6:00 pace so I was just cruising along. Obviously, I felt good on the last one, so after going through the first lap in 1:28(just under 6 min pace), I decided to just go after it a little bit. I through a couple surges in, and ran hard. The mile felt really good, and it was fun to feel fast again, especially since it had been about 10 months!

The knee hurt while chillin' out at home during the night, so I iced it and tried to walk gingerly up and down the stairs. Stairs really are not fun right now. If I had to guess what my injury is, I'd say it's probably your typical runner's knee. So with that, Ice, Ibuprofin, and Friday no running and probably Saturday too.

Hope to have a post about a succesfull long run on Sunday!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

first signs of fear

Miles: 7.5
Time: 56.07
Pace: 7:30

Within the first mile, I began to notice that my left knee was experiencing some soreness. It was only the kind of pain that was an annoyance if I dwelled on it. David and I started from my house and ran the Huntingtown Farms loop. Started off the first two miles at a comfortable pace, about 7:45. Once we turned onto Old Reid Rd., we picked it up a little bit, and began a nice pace when we got on the greenway. We held about a 720-30 pace through the neighborhood which was fine considering the hills. About 5 miles in though the pain became constant and the pounding on the hills started to make the knee feel worse. We closed the run with some nice strides, and I was able to run fine throughout the run considering the knee. When we were done it didn't flair up pain wise, but I could tell just walking on it that something was tweaked.

What's fustrating is that it's hard to tell what's wrong. If it's joint, tendon, or bone. It's on the bottom outside of my knee. I iced it a little bit last night, but I think I need to keep an eye on it, because after all my first goal is to stay healthy enough to complete the marathon. That feels especially more imparative given that I just sunk $350 into airline tickets today!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

naturally faster run

Miles: 6.8
Time: 46:35
Pace: 6:51

Probably a culmanation of having a time crunch, excitement of the Bobcats game, and the music and stopwatch accompanying me on my run made for a quicker pace. I decided to run the Madison Park out-and-back, and run with my blackberry pandora tunes. I was needing some motivation, and it helped. First couple of miles I was around 7:05 pace, and when I turned around at 3.4 miles, I was at 23:45. (6:59 pace). Obviously I was moving along faster than I normally do at my 7:30 standard pace, but it didn't feel bad, and I wanted to negative split coming home. I decided to keep the pace and try and close faster, but not to push myself to where I felt like I was withdrawing more than I was depositing, from a training standpoint. I ran the second half of the run ("back"), 22:50, faster than I did on the "out", and closed at 6:42 pace. The run did not feel uncomfortable, and I was happy I was able to have a quality run. I think it was just a product of training, and the legs having a good day.

Also, I'm liking the days starting to get noticably longer!

Oh yea, Bobcats (17-19) won - beat the Rockets. They've won 5 out of 6, and no one is going to the games, still.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

reaching new distances

Miles: 15+
Time: 1hr57mins
Pace: 7:48

Began at McAlpine entrance where I met David. Pretty cold, though sunny - about 35 degrees. Started the run around 3:10pm and pretty much ran out towards Harris, course, Boyce, and greenway the entire run. Kept it slow first few miles and the legs were feeling sore free and knot free. Settled into a 7:45 pace for most of the middle of the run, maybe picked it up a little bit out towards Boyce park. David finished after 10 miles and some change, told me my split - and set off. Ran the course backwards, and the first two miles on it were not bad, but I started to get antsy about finishing. Mile 13 I had to start fighting my mind about how this was starting to suck. Not that my legs felt like I couldnt hold the pace, but how good it would feel to stop. The last half mile was the straight away and I could see the finish (or start of the course) and that kept me focused and able to close it out nicely.

I know one time at App I ran about 15 or 16 on a Sunday, so I don't want to call this my furthest run...yet.

**Weekly Total**

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New run: Huntingtowne Farms loop

Miles: 7.63
Time: 59:14
Pace: 7:47

Ran through the back exit of Montclaire onto Archdale and cut onto Old Reid Rd. This was my first time running into this neighborhood, and the main reason I wanted to run here was because I could get on a Greenway for a little bit. Sugar Creek Greenway picks up and runs along the creek for about a mile and a half or so, with a nice scenic path sidelined by tennis courts and a swimming club. I came out on Tatersall and ran back up Park Rd until I realized it was more comfortable in the neighborhood and so I cut back in on Spring Valley Rd. This is another nice loop that I'm sure I'll keep in the normal rotation.

I kept this one slow and easy. Had a couple tight knots in my legs, and I settled on just keeping this run as comfortable as possible. I felt better the longer I went, but decided not to add on since tomorrow is my long one.

Added some strides at the end to this one. Strides feel good...need to keep doing this post runs at least 2-3 times a week.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tempo Run

Warm up: 1.2 miles jog
Workout: 4 mile tempo (25 mins)
Pace: 6:15-20

Warm up was a little on the short side, but I wasn't too motivated to stay out that long in the cold for another day. Laced up the flats after the jog, then did a good 4 mile tempo. I'm not sure the mile splits, but I left the house at 5:27 and got back at 5:52, so it was somewhere in the 6:15-20 range. It went fine, and I actually did surges to satisfy my stride work out, the last half mile. I probably need to do about 6 miles for a "workout" but this didn't hurt anything going a little short today. The idea was to give my legs a chance to increase the range of motion and to feel going faster than 7:30 pace, as well as exercise my body from a more anerobic standpoint.

Who do you like??

Who do you like tonight? I like Texas straight up! Even though they are the underdog by 3.5 pts (as of this morning), I think Colt McCoy and Shipley rise up and beat Saban and his Heisman, Ingram. My Prediction? 27 24 Texas

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

getting it done

Miles: 7
Time: 52:53
Pace: 7:34

Hard to say how the "progress" has been the last few weeks. On the one hand, the 7 mile runs have become manageble from a day to day standpoint - but what leaves me guessing is how my pace has been on these runs. What could be adding to this is maybe my lack of proper eating. I've felt low on fuel the last few runs and think that I need to start snacking in the afternoon before my runs which are useually aroudnu 5pm. I'm also going to start taking a protien shake afterwards, which I started after this run.

This was another freezing cold run, and having David along for this one in my neighborhood, I took into account his perspective that the neighborhoods arounud my house which we ran, were quite hilly. We started off a little quick, then I tried to hang out and was toughing it out during the majority of the run, then I found a second wind and was able to close the run strong - otherwise it could have been a pretty slow pace.

Monday, January 4, 2010

tough run

Miles: 7.57
Time: 56:43
Pace: 7:29

Ran the loop with David backwards this time in 35 degree weather, mostly in the dark. The pace definitly felt quick - maybe the hardest felt run since I've trained. It wasn't too hard, but I was really surprised the pace was not faster. Legs felt good first 4 miles, then started to get tired. Last mile and a half or so I started to fell energy drain and just tried to hold one. Glad to have completed the day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

semi long run

Miles: 10.25
Time: 1:16
Pace: 7:24

Decided to just get out there and do it, despite the long night before, and freezing temps outside. Having put off the run until 4:15, I didn't want to pound out 14 miles on pavement, and also with last week totally off of running, I didn't want to shoot back up a high mileage run right away. So I set out to run about 7 or 8 and call it a standard run, whimping out on any kind of "long run." Ran out in Starmount again for the second time, and completed my 7+ mile loop back at the house, but felt good enough and decided to add more. I really started to feel strong around mile 5 so I picked up the pace, and when I finished the loop I thought I'd run about 3 more or so. Just ran all through Montclair and finished the last mile probably under 7 min pace. I was glad I did more than I set out to, and what I needed to when planning the week before.

Weekly Mileage for 2009 Marathon Training. ( 9 weeks )
27, 34, 14, 33, 34, 27, 48, 0, 39

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

Miles: 7.5
Time: ????
Pace: 7:30-40 ?

I still don't have a watch and David's was out of commission today, so we don't have the numbers but we ran the Myers Park loop from Freedom Park. Nice to get a run in on National Hangover day, and actually the run didn't feel bad at all. We kept it conversational, and recapped our respective NYE festivites. It was a good run, and nice to do it in the afternoon before the sun went down since we were off work.