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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feeling empty

Ran from David's house with he and Mike Oelz, two of my Charlotte Marathon buddies. We did some loops around Dilworth, and kept the run pretty easy, as a recovery and just logging some miles. It was very hot, and I hadn't eaten enough to feel strong - something I need to make a better effort in doing. Legs are staying fresh, but I need to go into all of my runs with a little more gas in the tank.

Miles: 5.25
Time: 42.50
Pace: 8:15ish

Monday, August 30, 2010

easy recovery

I am thinking about doing a post on the importance of nutritional intake post run for improved recovery. I think because I have bought into that school of thought, my recovery run with Oelz and David at Freedom park surprised me after doing almost double my normal mileage, the day before.

Miles: 5.23
Time: 42.20
Pace: 8.05

Met at the Freedom Park entrance on Princeton around 6, and from there we hit the greenway on the south side, ran up to Selwyn, back down Queens and into the park again before tacking on a little extra to get us over 40 mins for the day.

My legs felt surprisingly good after my long run. I was expecting much rougher seas. It was a good run though with David and Oelz. We talked about all doing the Charlotte Marathon - and as I write this, we all have now signed up!

I talked to Mike Mitchell and he is signing up as well tonight. I got to say, I am pumped up now to have 3 good friends all investing into this experience. I know it will be rewarding, and something we can all look back on with pride.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

back to the Long Runs

Ran with Jason Blackwood and David out at McAlpine during the last part of the day, to try and stay as comfortable as possible in dealing with the summer weather. Lately, my runs have been an avenue in connecting with old friends (Mitchell/Blackwood), as well as spend quality time with those guys I still tend to see more regulary anyway (Brinkley/Oelz). Nothing says 'quality' like half naked, sweaty bodies side by side for an hour straight! HAHA.

Goal was to go for 8 miles - about 3 more than I have run so far. I could sense that point at which my legs were used to stopping, around mile 5, and from there it was just getting through it. The pace stayed comfortable, but my stomach did not. Defintily had some issues the last part of the run, but was able to manage it accordingly.

Tacking on the hill leading up to Boyce Park at the end was pretty tough, and with that we closed our run at almost 8 and a half.

Miles: 8.4
Time: 1.10.24
Pace: 8.22

After the run we all did 6 "striders", to work on turnover and loosen the legs up.

Week: 27 + miles

Friday, August 27, 2010

comfortable 5

Miles: 5
Time: 39.00
Pace: 7.48

After a long day at the Nashville airport, I was able to get home, rest, and meet David out at McMullen for a nice 5 miler before dinner. The weather was humid, but since we started at 6pm the temps weren't too bad. Plus, the shade at McMullen is pretty nice. Kept it conversational and logged another run under 8 min pace. Felt good.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

morning shake-out

Time: 30.37
Miles: 3.5
Pace: 8.40

Able to do my first morning run in sometime. Took a little while for my body to wake up, but a nice slow easy run was probably just what I needed. Ran from home and stayed in Montclair/Maddison Park.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

cool temps and ipod

Miles: 5.5
Time: 40.12
Pace: 7.18

Temperature's cooled off today with readings around 80 degrees around dinner time. As I had planned to go work out at the Y, I found myself back home gearing up for a run due to the Harris branch renevating its workout room for the next 3 weeks. I hadn't run with the ipod in quite a while, and decided to bring it back out.

Another solid run. Ran the out and back, from my house across Woodlawn and Seneca, down to Park Rd, turned into Montford, and then continued a little ways down the road until I turned around at the 2.75 mi mark. Once Eminem hit the player, my pace picked up considerably. I already started out with a nice pace of 7:30's for the first two miles, and closed my last two miles in 14.06. Good weather, staying off the sugary candy, and some upbeat tunes made for a solid run!

Monday, August 23, 2010

low on energy

I felt like I was going to have to stop and walk, or else I was going to fall over. it wasn't my legs burning, or my lungs screaming for air - it was my body feeling as if I was about to shut down because my batteries were about empty. When I look back as to why, I think it stems from the light lunch and massive amount of sweet candy I had during the afternoon. Combine that with 90 plus temps, sun, and humidity, and sometimes your body doesn't wish to run 6 miles with ease. The good news is, like i mentioned before, that my legs are still feeling great and that I can change my eating patterns for the future so I don't have to run into that kind of feeling again.

Location: Boyce Rd Park
Time: 43 mins
Miles 5 +

Sunday, August 22, 2010

McMullen Creek and Uptempo

Continuing the theme of combined runs into singluar posts, I must give account for the last couple of runs for the week.

Friday David B. and I went and ran somewhere neither of us ever have run: McMullen Creek Greenway. I really can't believe that I never have gone there having lived in Charlotte my whole life. I knew it wasn't a huge park, but that it did have enough trails and greenway space to accomodate a decent run. I was surprised at how shaded it was. Although it wasn't as much 'dirt trail' as I would have hoped, the shade and natural environment still proved to make it a better alternative than a lot of other places. As we started out, we were enthralled with coming and going Charlotte Catholic high school cross country runners in the midst of their practice. What a huge team of boys they had. There must have been 25. Definitly bigger than anything we ever had at Charlotte Christian.

From what I could gather, the trail seemed to be pretty much designed as an 'out-n-back.' It had accurate mileage posts every quarter mile, as well as wooden bridges interwoven through the dirt path and paved sections. I do not know how far the greenway goes, but at 2.25 miles David and I turned back and headed for the parking lot from where we just came. Being that it was the typical hot/sunny/humid afternoon, the shade was very welcomed. The pace stayed comfortable and 'conversational.'

Miles: 4.5
Time: 34.57
Pace: 7:46

Closing out my week with a run Sunday gave me what I was reaching for with my goals for the week. I ran 5 days this week, and 21.5 miles. Although I still have not done a long run, I am okay none the less because the mileage has gone up gradual and there is pleanty of time to tack on the long runs going forward. These last 2 weeks were to be my "base before the base", and as such my legs are feeling ready to begin the 16 week training phase.

Didn't get my run in on Sunday until after 8pm. Ran the standard 4 mile loop at a tempo and pace that was quick from the first few steps, lasting the entire run with a pace around 7:15-30. At times when I felt a little tired, it was not felt in my legs - just my breathing. That is a good sign. My legs are responding so far to the last two weeks well, and my Oxygen intake will be more efficient with longer runs and workouts that will be soon to come.

Miles: 4
Time: 29:30
Pace: 7:22

Thursday, August 19, 2010

run in the rain

Combining a couple runs in this post. I'm enjoying not feeling like I have to make a new post for each run, but when I do post I'll try and at least have a little recap of that run - for sake of the marathon running log.

Stayed at home, and once I hit the door I was out in the downpour and wet from the time i got out of my driveway. It has been a while since I ran in the rain, and I rather enjoyed it. With temperatures still in the mid 80's at least, the rain was not cold, and it felt good as it was not storming - just solid rain. Was debating on doing 3-4 miles, and decided to go for the latter. The weather was too ideal, and my pace was not too sluggish. Kept the pace between 7:45-8:00, and generally felt good most of the way. Concentrated on my posture and stride, and was able to turn over my legs a little better today.

Wednesday's run was a slower 4 miler - doing the common neighborhood loop from my house. No rain, and just hot temps. Pace was around 8:35-40, feeling tight and slow probably mainly from lifting legs on Tuesday. No pain though, so no problems.

Monday, August 16, 2010

5'er, repitition is bringing that old worn out feeling back

short hand post:
5 miles~
McApine, 42:05
8:20-25 pace. Started slow and picked it up gradual second half. Kept it conversational, and ran with Mike Mitchell.

Lifting tomorrow and taking off from a run until Wednesday. Goal is 20 miles and 4-5 days. Last week of casual scheduling until crunch time 16 week plan for the marathon Dec. 11th.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

trails and back to backs

With the first week finishing with a little 2 mile night jog tonight, the weekend was able to close my start back into running with back to back runs, thus concluding the first week with 4 days in total - 2 of which done at McAlpine.

As this now brings the race to 17 weeks away, I am happy as it feels this season of training is off to an easier and better start than when I undertook my first marathon training last November. I would attribute that to the base of miles that are still somewhat fresh from that whole go around as I got my body back in shape for the race in Fort Lauderdale back in Feb.

Definitly going 5 miles out of the gate, twice, on the first week is something I didn't do in week one of Ft. Lauderdal, and is by all accounts more comfortable than the long 4 miles I did back then as well.

Yesterday I met with David and we started from the Old Bell lot and did just over 5 miles in just under 40 mins, and the pace seemed overall pleasant. We kept the pace steady throughout, and ran to the course and tacked on a lap around the lake before heading back to the parking lot off Sardis Rd.

Those 2 runs at the trails being the meat of the week, I also did 3 miles with Oelz around our neighborhood on Wednesday. It was pretty hot -and it was just nice to be able to get another day of running under my belt.

After watching golf from....well, I won't say because it's absurd at how long I sat on the couch and watched the PGA Championship...I was feeling restless and decided I had no reason why I shouldn't go knock off a couple miles to get some energy out and shake my legs out from yesterday's run. Let me also just say regarding the last Major golf championship that went on today, the coverage you have to sit through with CBS almost makes it unwatchable, as they show 4 mins of golf shots, and then break for commercial for 4 mins, cycling all throughout the round. But what a round it was, ending in heartache and legislative BS rule calling on the comeback kid, Dustin Johnson. It's a shame he got the screw job from the tight ass rules committee with his 2 stroke penalty being applied after a very hard to justify sand trap rule after he finished out in a tie for 1st and seemingly heading to the playoffs. It wasn't to be, and so we have another unknown player winning another major, with Phil Mickelson being the only rootable player to grab one of the big ones in 2010. From all that though, it will be nice as Bubba Watson appears to have locked up his spot on the Ryder Cup, adding another cheerable talent to the last interesting golf match of the year.

5 miles (saturday) 39:35 (7:55 pace per mile)
2.1 miles (sunday) 17:38 (8:22 pace)

Week 1 of 18: 15 miles

Monday, August 9, 2010

all but invested (financially)

When you hit the muggy trails of mcalpine on a hot summer's early eve, no matter how long it has been since your last visit, for me , I am always brought back to the origins of some of my fondest memories of running, conjuring up that feeling of being home. Highschool was lived out on those trails - and to have an old running buddy from then, and one from App - (but who none the less spent many runs on those trails - as did all highschool runners who ran competively in Charlotte) was pretty cool.

I have been blessed and lucky this week to have gotten to run with Mike Oelz, Mike Mitchell at McAlpine and Bohle and another old familiar face in one such Justin Cross (both of whom actually have a great upstart company in LADC)on the trails around Marymount University in Los Angeles. The latter being a farlek workout -which was one of the runs I can count on one hand with since the June Miles at Myers Park - and the one today with Oelz and Mitchell being an easier paced 5 mi. (Most miles I have done since the Marathon). Speaking of Marathon, that brings me to where I am currently.

I have given a good amount of thought lately as to running another Marathon this December. I probably wouldn't be thinking about this right now, but maybe it's good that I am - Mitchell is thinking about doing Thunder Road and Oelz is thinking about Kiawah. With the ability to run with my buddies, AND being able to knock one out before the baby is born in Jan., all gives me good reason to ponder such a thought. Not to mention, it wouldn't be so horrible to get to see what I can really do in a marathon not getting lost!

In the few runs that I have thought about potentially getting back to another race by year end, I have been upbeat as I am thinking it may not be as ardous to get back into the shape I was at in Feb. Perhaps the remnents of my training are there, just have to wake them up a little bit, and they will ready to serve as a foundation for great endurance and strength.

So it was muggy...and hot...and it felt like I was back in the comforts of home ((even passed old rival coaches and runners from Providence Day (rival school up the road from my CCS)). The closeness of my running buddies from spread across the country, and the great gap in difference of weather experienced on each of those runs, was just enough to decide, "let's go back at it for another 26.2" (exactly that mileage please).

Now just got get signed up - /