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Monday, January 31, 2011

running to get well

Saturday's race, and subsequent night where I stayed up until 2am consoling my newborn daughter, I believe, contributed to feeling pretty worn down Sunday and had a carry over effect into Monday. So when I got off work, after feeling sick all day, I was hoping 20 mins minimum of running - 5 if I felt okay once I got warmed up - would sort of knock this little bug out. Anyway, my legs didn't feel too bad and with the chilly temps I cliked my first mile in 7.15. That's my fastest mile split on a normal run since last December. Good sign. I continued on my way and decided I would do my 5+ mile loop - up to Huntingtown Farms greenway, and then over to Starmont and back home.

Tonight I ran with the Ipod, and enjoyed the Dave Matthews radio on Pandora the whole way.

Time: 42.19
Miles: 5.8
Pace: 7.17

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Flight 8k

I was looking forward to this race for a few reasons.
  • 10 AM start
  • Oldest 8k in the State
  • Long Sleeve microfiber shirt

After that, I was excited to see how I stood after only a few runs, and over a month off of no running.

I was very judicious with my time in bed, as I tend to be, and as a result didn't leave much time for error. I arrived at my destination via my GPS cooridnates right in the middle of the campus at 9:40 and parked. Where the race was, and where the joggers were I was not sure. All I did know was that I was told I had until 9:45 to pick up my race number, and that that location was in a gym. I then began jogging around the campus looking for a gym, or signs of participants, but my immediate luck was not. After 2-3 minutes, I found a human and she told me it was across the street. Once I started looking across the street, I saw a few joggers, and then they were able to tell me how to get to the gym. I picked up my race numbeer at 9:50, and was very glad they didn't decide to close down shop any earlier.

I stashed my bag, gave Ryan Woods a hello, and headed to the start line. I could tell that the race wasn't as large as I anticipated, but given the perfect weather I was excited to get going. The gun was off, and so were we. My goal was to break 34 mins, thinking I would be around 6:45 pace. I could tell the first mile was going faster than planned, but I decided to go with it and see what the split was and adjust from there. I clicked through in 6:08, and while I was not feeling as comfortable as one should after the first mile in an 8k, I was mentally ready since it was only 4 more miles. My mentality is still on marathon mode, so I knew I could push through it.

As soon as the second mile started so did the courses first large hill. I didn't mind the hills during the course, and in fact I found the windy conditions to be more of a struggle. After the hill climb, we turned off the main road and cut through a neigborhood that let out on a country road. I splite 6:26 definitly feeling the fall off.

Again, at the start of the third mile another hill awaited, and on we went. I could still tell that I was slowing some and I prayed that it wasn't drastic and that I wasn't going to wallow the last half of the race. I split 6:36 here and, while it was slower again, knew I was way in front of my 6:45 goal pace by a comfortable margin, and figured I could get in 2 more miles without completly dying.

Another new mile another new hill. Once I crested this third hill, I was approached by an older runner. At first, he kept his pace as I was slowing still, but that's when I woke up. Since the first mile I had been slowing and slowing, but as soon as he got on my shoulder I decided to try and go with him. As soon as I matched his stride, I was able to find a rythm with him and soon get back in front of him. He didn't seem to mind, as he settled behind and drafted off me - dodging the wind from my large frame. After a little bit of this I began to get annoyed, and slowed to see if he would make a move. He was reluctant, but if I insisted he would, and then I would work with him. He and I played this little back and forth cat and mouse game until around 600 meters left of the race. Working with him, and fighting him, definitly is what I take away from this race in terms of not giving up and actually RACING. Even though my fitness and wheels were not there, I was encouraged with the fight I put up.

During the the last half of the last mile I was able to break away and started my kick. We were let into the college track "stadium" to finish with a lap. This was a nice touch. I was able to see the clock tick as I crossed the line well under my goal. I was handed a notcard with a 22 on it, indicating my place, and immediatly worked on getting my wits back about me and didn't bother to do anything with the card except ball it up and throw it away. I dont remember getting instructions when I was handed the card, but looking back I should have known better. Since there was not a chip for this race, they were scoring manually - and having run many cross counutry races with the note card system, I missed out on being officially included in the offical results. Once I realized this, I emailed the race director, and he said he was going to correct the situation. Maybe he will, maybe he wont. (He did, sort of - you can find me as Daniel Eggert - Results

Place: 22 out of 260, 4th in age group 25-29

Time: 31:38

Pace: 6:20 (splits: 6:08, 6:29, 6:36, 6:26, 5:58)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Soaking up mountain trail running!

After the best night's sleep in 4 weeks, (hotel/first night away from newborn daughter, Avery) I was up and lively as I drove into the Arboretum / Ponhatan Lake trails along Bent Creek in Asheville. I remembered this spot from a time earlier. Having gotten lost last visit, I decided I would keep this run to "out and backs" to make sure I avoided being lost again.

The first trail lead me up a mountain, where I climbed 20 mintues before turning arounud to come back down. I approached a summit, not sure it was THE summit, but set off back feeling pretty good about the climb where I kept the pace easy and light.

Approaching the bottom in a cumulative time of approximatley 35 minutes, I decided to set off and run a lap around the lake to bring me to a close in the mid 40's - time wise.

Again, the setting was awesome, weather perfect, and the trails were a treat. Sure makes me miss what I had every day when I was running for Appalachian State University!

Miles: > 6
Time: 46.20
Pace: 7:45-50ish

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

all in the stride

As I ran, my thoughts were primarily composed of paying attention to my stride thanks to the concepts of Born to Run echoing in my brain. This really has been a tremdous read, and what I have been thinking about it how us as people actually run correctly when we strike the ground with our mid food and fore foot. Not our heels. Think of a sprinter, their heels hardly contact the ground. Watch little kids run. Their strides stay quick and light, staying under their bodies.

Chris McDougall, the author, states that when the running boom took off with shoe companies designing more cushioned shoes, all it did was promote heel striking and over striding - two culprits encouraging injury. The shoes prior to these pillow bottomed shoes, were ones that were basically leather bottomed slippers.

It's all interesting food for thought, and if you haven't read the book I highly recommend it. So anyway, tonight's run I found my self paying extra attention to my stide and how I landed with each footfall.

Time: 41.15
Miles: 5+
Pace: ~ 7.45

Monday, January 24, 2011

Itching to increase the distance

While my buildup has been slow, my recent anxiousness to start logging more mileage has been spurred on in large part from reading Born to Run. If you haven't read that book, and you love running, I highly recommend it. "But you don't have to take my word for it" Lavar Burton, international superstar.

I really was thinking about my upcoming run while I was at the office, and even told Drew, my friend and colleague, that I was excited about getting my run in once I got home. Useually the joy is after the run, not before - so this was a nice feeling.

Came home, put on my running clothes and set out towards Huntingtown Farms, where, once I hit 22 minutes I was going to turn right around and come home. I picked it up a little on the way back, and focused on a smooth stride and getting back used to the hills that comes with running around where I live.

Miles: 5.5
Time: 43.13
Pace: 7.51

Friday, January 21, 2011

4 mile (out and back)

The weather was a little cold, but with appropriate layers up top, and shorts on the bottom, I was, along with gloves and headband, warm enough. Decided to head north from my house and run to Park Road as Seneca spills onto it across from the McAlisters. The way I go has it 2 miles from my house, as I meanader along some extra roads in Madison Park. Not much to report on this run, other than the fact I felt pretty comfortable and naturally settled with 7:30-45 min miles.

Time: 31.04
Miles: 4
Pace: 7:40

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

twenty min min

When I see something or hear something more than once, there is a better chance that it holds water. I've heard from my friend/old teammate, who is the current coach at USCUpstate, that if you are going to run - at least make it 20 minutes. The most recent issue of Runner's World had an article stating that 20 minutes seems to be the magic number to clear your mind and exercise your cardiovascular system.

As I felt somewhat under the weather yesterday at work, I was debating on taking the day off. But, thinking about the 20 minute rule, I figured that 20 minutes might actually help out my body. Also, it was the warmest day of the week (low 50s) so I wanted to take advantage.

Nice run and felt good during it. Nice to get another day on the books.
Also, I definitly felt back to normal afterwards.

Time: 20:17
Miles: ~2.5

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Having run last Fri-Sun, I was pumped up to get a few good runs in during this week and keep this train moving. Having endured one of the coldest winters in Charlotte, seeing the temperature in the mid 40's was a little bit of a break. After I got home from work, around 5pm, I shortly thereafter set out for my longest run of 2011. I was going to aim for 35 minutes! What an accomplishment! haha - actually we had company coming over at 6, and since I didn't hit the door till 5:11 I knew I couldn't be out too long. Also, in an effort to try and keep my running going, I don't want to bring on burnout by upping my mileage too much too fast.

Of course, right when I set out for the run it started a light rain. Temps in the mid 40s is fine, but through in percipitation, and it's rather uncomfortable. Still, I knew I would be okay. The rain shifted to a dull mist, and from there on I was fine.

I started the run moving pretty well, probably around 730 pace, and during the slowest part - the middle - I was around 8 mins. I closed my last mile in 7:50. During the run, I found myself thinking about how I want to keep on running throughout the year, so I can hop in a variety of races, and not have to go through a long process of rebuilding.

Even though it's quickly approaching, I am looking to take part in the Winter Flight 8k. Despite not being anywhere near respectable race shape (by my standards), I enjoy the whole experience of a road race...and this is the oldest one in NC. I would love to check that race off my list. Lastly, it would do nothing but keep me in the direction I aim to go for 2011.

Miles: >4.5
Time: 34:48
Pace: ~7:50

Sunday, January 16, 2011

mercury rising

The warmest day in a long time, 50 degrees plus prompted me to make it back to back to back, on this "don't call it a come back yet" week. Again, upped the time to ~31 minutes, and stayed in the neighborhood. Felt looser again as I trugged past the 10 minute mark, and felt the ease coming back mentally of being out longer and longer. After the run, with a rejuvenated spirit, I entertained the thought of keeping the running going, and finiding something on the race calendar to keep me motivated.

Miles: ~3.5+
Time: 30.40
Pace: 8+

Saturday, January 15, 2011

back to back

Another day inside with the baby lead to another break away to the streets. This time, I increased the time on my feet to 29 minutes. The pace was about the same: slow and easy, but I felt a little bit looser after the 10 minute mark or so.

Time: 29.30
Miles ~3.5
Pace: 8+

Friday, January 14, 2011

Today I went for a Jog

For any readers out there who don't really know me - my wife and I had a baby Jan. 6th. It's been an amazing experience so far, and we are in love with our daughter. I'd say she's the prettiest and calmest baby I've been around.

I haven't run in a while due to everything that comes with a baby. But I found a break in the afternoon and went for a little jaunt around the neighborhood. Felt pretty slow, but I enjoyed it. The sun was out, and it was just what the Dr. ordered.

Time: 22.06
Distance: < 3
Pace: 8+

Sunday, January 2, 2011

first run back

Happy New Year to all! After 21 days of absolutely no running or exercise (since Thunder Road Marathon Dec. 11th) I found myself restless after the final Panthers loss of the season to the Falcons. With unseasonably warm temperatures outside, I was finally pulled to undertake my first run of 2011. Comfortable in shorts, and t-shirt, I ran from home and did the 4 mile Montclair loop. When you combine nice temperatures with the second day of people keeping to their resolutions, the neighborhood streets were full of people out on walks, jogs, and bike rides. Being in that company was nice, and so was just getting out and moving again. My body felt pretty tight, like a stiff jointed old tin man who was in desperate need of some oil. Aerobically I felt pretty good considering the lay off, and after clicking off my first mile in 8:13, I felt a LITTLE bit more comfortable. 4 miles was just right though, and hopefully I can continue from here and look at the local race calendar and pick something relatively soon that will give me some focus.

Miles: 4
Time: 32:57
Pace: 8:14