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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

catchin' us up

Well I finally got a Garmin watch. So far I've enjoyed it.

Listening to some Game R.E.D. album while I type here. Daddy fat stacks, big boi...aka ATLiens, let's go Braves! Get that wild card <---current song


Tuesday (9/20) night I went out into the night with my new Garmin, since I had to watch for it to charge, the darkness all around...and let my feet dictate a new path. Rode Archdale up Park to Selwyn and went around Montford back up Seneca and home for 6.26 mi  check it out

Thursday (9/22) morning I got up, asked the receptionish about some local trails down the way from Asheville. Found Mills Creek North of Henderson in the Pisgah National Forest. Couldn't find any trails other than small paved Camp Site roads. Got on the "main" camp site road leading out the other way from the Parking Lot and it turned into a gravel road heading up the hill/mtn. Kept going, past some campsites as I climbed, then past the creeks rushing, and up into the mist/clouds, cloked humid heavy air. I got sweaty as hell, but I kept climbing, and noticed I was running some 8:30 into 9+ min miles, but I wanted to climb until I got to the top of the distance on my watch read "4.0 miles". Hit it and turned around, and road some nice downhill 6:30 miles. Kept the distance going after I got to the bottom. 15k   9.3mi    check it OUT Look at the Elevation GAIN

Saturday (9/24) my legs were treated to a nice flat recovery slow run around Oxford, MS before the gameday. Felt slow until the 4th mile or so, and just rode it out 5.62 mi

(28 miles for the week)

Tuesday (9/27) after FULL Recovery from the festivities of Ole Miss, I ran with David and felt really light and rusty. Also, my Garmin died so I had no watch. Other than that, I didn't care about pace - just wanted to run 10 or so with David if I felt alright. Guess my legs felt fresh after the days off and recovery run, cuz we started off low to mid 7 pace according to David. We just made a big loop around where we live around the southpark area. He gave me the time and distance when i parted and according to him, we clipped:

10.25 miles
in 7.22 pace

Wednesday (9/28) streak of 2 days, and I felt pretty hurry to get it over combined by just running some recovery miles (4.09) which didn't feel as good.

Monday, September 19, 2011

San Diego, Sickness, and a Race (Recap from 9/11 to 9/19)

9/11 Sunday - Flew to San Diego for a company meeting. The airport was quite and thin. Flight was fine, Thank God. Good day of rememberance and realizing the Panthers have a franchise QB!! No running

9/12 Monday - After the day's meeting, got out for a light run around San Diego. Had to watch the clock so I could make it back in time for the evening's events, but was able to squeez in 4.5 miles of running around the hills.

9/15 Thursday - With two days off (Busy and Tired as hell are my excuses!) I really needed to exercise the legs. Trying to salvage the week with a good race, I didnt' want to overdo it - as I normally like to take the day off 2 days before a race anyway. Just ran 3.5 miles easy, but could tell there were some cobwebs.

9/17 Saturday - Hit the Brixx Race 10K - So the day before I knew I wasn't being the smartest in terms of preparing for the race by going to the Incubus concert at Verizon Ampetheater, but with 11 races I'm not the kind of guy to let running ALWAYS get in the way. And on top of that, I started coming down with a sore throat Friday afternoon. The last couple days in San Diego whiped me out as I didn't get enough rest, and I just felt run down. But on to the concert I went, and had a very late bed-time!

So after 4 hours of sleep, and with a throbbing sore throat I get out of bed and hazily put my clothes on and get out the door. I was so tired, I just sat in a booth at Brixx Pizza (pre-race site) and watch others warm up, until 15 mins before the race where I sauntered out and forced myself to warm up for 10 mins.

That allowed me to at least get warm, and when I toed the line, I was just hoping for the best. The first mile was sort of downhill, and I felt alright as I settled in behind the faster runners and knew I really had to watch my pace given my condition. Hit 6.03 for the first mile, and that felt fine. Started to climb the second mile a little, but while I thought I was upping the pace, I actually slowed a tad and hit 6.08 for a 12.12 two mile. Rolled to another downhill, and as Vincent Arey came flying by I tried to mimick his light stride and pick it up. Didn't feel like I was able to drop a negative mile here, but was thinking I was just maintaing pace and could maybe drop a negative split for the second half of the race. A little disappointed when I hit 18.20 for the 3 mile mark (6.08 split).

The 4th mile saw a good climb in elevation, as well as a couple racers who passed me. This is when I got focused from Jason Martin who said "worry about the guys in front, don't look back." This stuck with me the rest of the race. I wasn't going to care who passed me I was going to keep my focus up front. The oldest trick in the book, but if you don't remember to do it, a race will get away from you in a heartbeat. Only with focus did I manage to hang on, because that 4th mile started to get me. Came through in 24.34 (6.13 split). The 5th mile we were on roads winding around Elizabeth where I had an awful performance earlier in the GPX series at the Skyline 5k, so I was keyed in to running these streets with a vengence. I started to gain on the runners ahead who passed me, while we also reeled in a couple from the pack way ahead who were slowing down. Throttled the 5th mile pretty good, and was getting geared up to stay strong the last mile. Came through 5 in (30.49 (6.14 split ??? Approx. trying to recall as my watch deleted my splits)). The last mile was a BIG climb up 7th Street, and I was fighting the whole way. I was probably most proud of my fight in this race than all the other races of 2011. I was moaning as I was climbing, trying to catch the guys in front, and not let the ones in back catch me. I was able to get 1, and keep off another. Hit 37.08 for 6 miles, 6.19 split (maybe toughest mile on the course). With .2 to go, I came up to Greg Shore and we really kicked it in. We were stride for stride, both building speed the the whole .2 until about 50 meters from the tape he got up on his toes a little quicker and got me by a second. Still a 1.07 for the .2 I will take anyday.

After the race, I was totally done for. I slept for 3 hours, and layed around the house until I decided I needed to go to Urgent Care because I believed I had strep throat. So after finding out I had a fever and my throat looked awful, I got a shot of penicllin in the buttox to cap off the day. Awesome.

Time: 38.15
Place: 23rd
Pace: 6.09

Miles for day: 9
Week: 17 (last week was 46!)

9/19 Monday - Still recovering, I got antsy and wanted to run. I meant to run about 4 miles, but go into a route which didn't let me once I got past a certain point, and ended up running 50 mins around the hills behind my neighborhood. Felt okay, but got real weak the second half of the run.

Miles: 6.5~
Time: 49.13
Pace: slow

Saturday, September 10, 2011

weekend runs lead to biggest mileage week

Friday 9/9 - Shake out run
Miles: 2.5 miles
Pace: 7:50

Saturday 9/10 - Long Run
Miles: 15
Time: 1.52.03
Pace: 7.28

David's Link: (He did 1 more mile at the end )

Met at 7am and had the pleasure of running with Jason, David, Brian, and Mike. From Old Bell we sauntered down the greenway to Harris Blvd, back thorugh the course, and back to the parking lot after 10 miles to take a gel and a sip of water. Went up Sardis and through Boyce trails to round out 15. Jason and David did 16.

My legs felt really good, and my breathing was great. The bones started to feel the impace the last couple miles, but that is to be expected. The gel really helped, as we were able to rip off some of our quickest splits at the end. The pace started easy in the high 7s, and was mid to low 7s the rest of the way.

46 miles for the week

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I like hills

Yesterday I couldn't find my watch, so I ran without it. David ran with me and I was happy to not run alone, as I had been for a while. He has a GPS watch so I figured that would be good enough for me.

going into the run i wasn't totally sure how i would respond to the demands of 8 miles, with 5+ of them at a hard effort. (Still not feeling 100% and sleep interuptions).

I had the route all picked out. Going to get some hills in as we ran through Starmount, and would head towards the bridge which would lead us to the park and Huntingtown Farms where we would pick up that common route which is full of hills too. Purposefully, we took the first mile easy and clicked a 7.54 and I noticed my legs were feeling actually better than the day before.

From mile one, we started grooving into low 7 pace and kept it conversational. We actually clicked off a 6.48. Okay, a little quicker for mile 2 than desired, but nothing to do but keep the momentum going. Mile 3 we started to talk less and run faster aided by a lot of downhills. 6.22. Hmmm, quicker than planned - but not feeling too bad...yet.

The forth mile I seperated from David as I was trying to hold the 6.20 pace, and I probably slowed a little bit. Approximiatly 6.30 for mile 4, and now I was just trying to fight and hold and not slow up, despite my plans of progressing faster each mile.

As I hit the hills I was feeling strong, just not quite as fast as I wanted. I was happy with my effort, but was considering ending the push a little early once I got to the top of the hills and onto Old Reid. But once I came to the top, I made up my mind to keep the push going because I had a nice straight away I could work on my turn over, and then it was just one more big down and up, that I could end with.

As I slowed for the rest, David came up and told me we were 6.5 miles into the run. Okay, mission accomplished. Just a nice mile and a half cool down together and we were finished.

We talked about how the run was tough, and that perhaps we were a bit too quick early on...and how downhills can actually zap your strength if you are not careful.

I loved the workout though. I know that route so well, and it was actually fun to run it (the H-Town hills part) back to back days.

Link from David's watch. I was 1 minute in front at the end of 6.5, before we cooled down 1.5.

total miles for day: 8

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

new shoes, cool weather, cliff shots

despite all the positive things, as mentioned above in the title, this run wasn't a breeze. Since Friday last week, I have been slightly under the weather. My daughter has been worse. Last night she was up 5-6 times in the night battling a fever, so sleep was not solid for me.

I felt like I was pushing, but I was able to hold the pace evenly throughout the run. Ran the old standard hilly Huntingtown Farms loop. Since I know it's not quite 8 I tacked on some at the end to even it out.

Miles: 8
Time: 57.33
Pace: 7:11

Monday, September 5, 2011

beach runs

9/3 Saturday

started off kinda slow, as I just finished dinner and was kinda sluggish. Picked it up towards the end.

Miles: 7

9/4 Sunday

again started off slow, as I had been at the beach and had a few drinks, but had some nice pick ups in the run.  Ran with the Iphone again and really enjoyed the music.

Miles: 5-5.5
Time: 39 mins

9/5 Monday

started the run at 10:45 and it was HOT and HUMID. The sun baked me as I ran, and most of it was on concrete in the open sun as I ran down HWY 17 towards the bridge into Georgetown, crossed it, and backed tracked home. Felt rough, but got it done, ever how slow and painful it was

miles: 13+
Time: 1 hr 38 mins

Thursday, September 1, 2011

morning shake out before beach wknd

Getting out of bed this morning wasn't tough, but 4 miles was kind of tough. 12 hrs after a hard run, 4 miles at a pedestrian pace was a chore...but no injuries or anything, just some recovery miles and now 24 hours until I take to the streets again for my run tomorrow. #runningneverstops

Miles: 4
Time: 33.12
Pace: 8.15-20