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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

back at it

Nice long weekend with no running, so the run felt a little longer than it should have, given my rust. Easy 4 no was hot though!

Miles: 4
Time: 31
Pace: 7.45

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

home group run

Miles: 5
Time: 36:45
Pace: 7.19

Garmin Link

It was hot, but the run felt real relaxed which is a good sign. Just a conversational run amoung Oelz, David, Mitchell, and I.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hot New Shoes

Yes it was Hot, and what better time to break out my New Pegasus which are actually called the Breaths and are the color of a swimming pool.

My old kicks had 450+ miles on them, so I had to retire those Pegasus 27's. They served me well from a BQ at the Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon, until present.

Miles: 4
Time: 31 mins
Pace: 7.45

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Long Run with Mitchell

Got up and out to McAlpine early to meet Mitchell for a 10 miler. I didn't feel great like I did a week ago, perhaps because the race was a little more recent than last time. Anycase, I ran succesfully for 10 miles was able to close my week on a high note, despite only running 4 days this week.

Miles: 10
Time: 1.17.35
Pace: 745-50

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great Harvest Bread Co. 5k

I fully aware my content on my posts has diminished. I'm sorry I'm not sorry! haha and I also realize that my writting is cheaper and not as well put together when there is content. Just a phase. Times are busier for me, and maybe I'm just less inspired - blogging wise.

Well, as every race has started at 8am, David nor I really didn't think this one would be any different. After leaving my place at 7am, I ate a Cliff bar on the drive to the parking lot, and we parked and jogged down to the course start. We noticed there were people lined up, and we asked someone going to the line when the race started and he said "now." That's when I heard the race director say, "5 minutes until the start!." oops.

We were able to get our chips and pin our numbers on our jerseys in those 5 minutes and also get a relatively good spot near the front all by the time the gun went off at 7:30.

My goal was to go out slower the first mile because I was tired of dying in the race and coming in dragging. I knew I was on plan when I allowed myself to chat with David and Jason during the beginning, and felt less agrresive going through the participants. I hit 6.04 on the clock my first mile. I didn't wear a watch, so I only had the "mile clocks" that were posted to go off of.

The second mile I came up on a pack of runners and decided to take the lead for them. Another runner in that pack came with, and he and I would go along for the next mile and a half. He would surge, then I would go with, and vice-versa.

After we split the second mile, on the clock, at 11:58 I realized I dropped a negative split with my second mile around 5:54. So far so good. At this point, the guy with me went up a little and for maybe 8 seconds I let him go and receeded to not fighting and upping the pace with him. Then I snapped out of it. I used the downhill we were on to open up my stride and catch back up. Here I passed him and I think he fell behind for good right then. Less than a mile to go and I knew we had one more climb before the finishing straight away.

I was able to catch some runners in front on that last hill, and some more on the downhill/flat straight away. At the 3 mile clock, I saw 17:35. Awesome! Another quicker mile, with this one being my fastes in a 5k all year, 5:37. I tried my best to kick it in to the finish for the last fraction of a mile, but it wasn't my best effort. Rounding the parking lot kind of threw me off, and it felt longer than it should. Turns out I was probably right as many have gone on to say that their GPS watches measure the course by half a tenth or so longer. Right at the tape I saw David Brinkly come up to me, which was a surprise, and we officially tied on time but the officials gave me the posistion, which earned me my first age group award of the year. 3rd place, male 25-29.

Result: 18.22 5k
Splits: 6.04, 5.54, 5.37
Website Results

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fartlek with Bohle

landed at LAX around 10am, had a couple business meetings, then got up with Nick where I unwinded with a nice Miller Light. After having my feet up for a few, went over to Bohle's and where we shortly thereafter set out for a 6 mile run, with the middle three miles alternating between hard .5 mile segments, and .5 mile easy recovery segments.

Miles: 6

Sunday, May 15, 2011

thankful for a good long run

Felt the best of 2011 on this long run. Good pace at the end. What I needed.

Miles: 10
Pace: 7.30

I finished faster than David so my pace was a little quicker...

Friday, May 13, 2011

not running the 5k well

i need to go slower in the beginning. I think I'm going to revamp my approach and go out slow if it kills me, so I can finish strong. Things aren't working with the 3.1

Twilight 5k Uptown Charlotte 7pm
5.44, 12.08, ?, 19.26

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 9, 2011

quicker 7

927, 653, 704, 109, 108, 711, 658, 1041

Saturday, May 7, 2011

solid 8

720, 721, 656, 717, 724, 718, 716, 651

Friday, May 6, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

run with the fellas

44:45 740, 1401, 737, 733, 753,GARMIN LINK

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

workout: 1200s

4x1200 + 1x400
414 (203), 416 (209), 422 (238), 406...68.5

Monday, May 2, 2011

getting out some frustration

After taking Sunday off because I chose to sleep, go to Church, and play 18 holes of golf, I was looking forward to hitting it with solid effort today on the run.

I took off and clicked 7.21 the first mile, and stayed there and brought it down for the rest of the run. The route wasn't easy either. I went out to H-Town Farms, down Colchester Hill, greenway, then up hills around Starmount and back. Did this run with David back in early March - here - I didn't go as fast but I averaged a good pace.

In looking at some of my old running logs from my glory days in Highschool and College, I was struck by how the pace of my runs overall was just so much quicker. I don't think you need to get carried away, but I think there is some value in training your body more times than not to get used to quicker paces.

Time: 41.33
Miles: 5.75
Pace: 7.14