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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Where were we...?

Jan 18th, Wednesday:
After some days rest, went back at it with a great run. After an easy mile to start, notched it up a little bit because my legs were feeling pretty good. With bursts of speed and then backing off - repeat, I hit the second mile in 6:48. Over the next 5 miles I would throw in surges and relax - repeat, and clicked off some decent miles: 6:53, 6:29, 6:39, 6:36, 6:28. Here, I was running well because my legs felt nice, had my iphone in with some great music, and enjoying the beautiful dusk and nice temperatures. Closed with a slower .4 of a mile at just under 7, and then called it a run. Prob could have benefited from a cool down, but what are you gonna do....
Miles: 7.4
Pace: 6.47
Time: 50:10

Jan 19th, Thursday
Next day hit up an easy recovery run with David over in Madison park.
Miles: 4.14
Pace: 7.48
Time 32.16

Jan 21st, Saturday:
Set out from Woodlawn by Selwyn on a grey wet morning where the pace was relaxed. My legs felt pretty heavy and stiff, perhaps a result of Wednesdays run and not giving them a proper cool down. Anycase, I was able to loosen up after 4-5 miles and get comfortable where the pace dropped to a couple mid 7s.
Miles: 8.65
Time: 1.07.55
Pace: 7:51

Week recap - 20.19 on three days

Jan 24th, Tuesday
Again, after some rest days, was able to have another good run with some faster stuff. The first mile I felt pretty tight and didn't think I could pull off anything quick, but after a mile and a half of easy running around 8 mins, I ratcheted up a bit. Kind of like last week, worked on various surges for the next couple miles, while backing off and slowing it down before the next random flurry. Saw splits of 6:49 and 6:48 here. Going into the next mile, I kept my surge going, as I was trodding downhill a bit and looked at my watch and realized I was under 6 min pace. Decided to make it a full mile of a surge and stay under 6. Worked out fine. Was focusing on form and economy, and it didn't feel too taxing at all. Split 5.43. Nice to have something like that under my belt, and a good confidence builder too. After that, cooled down better than last week, and ran over 8 min pace for almost a mile.
Miles: 5.5
Time: 39.15
Pace: 7:10

Sunday, January 15, 2012

a lack luster week of running

Wed. Jan 11 - 6 miles - First run after a 3 day break. PF is still a factor, but the run was tolerable. Felt pretty dang fresh. About 7:20 pace.

Thu Jan 12 - 6 miles - Run with Mitchell and David. A little bit slower, which was probably a good thing. 7:40 pace.

Sat. Jan 14 - 6.18 miles - Hard day to find motivation to run. Ran in not enough clothes and was cold and unfocused to top it off. Too hard in the beginning (trying to get warm) and limped in with a 8 min last mile. 7:27 pace average.

Sun. Jan 15 - 8.4 miles - Pushed Avery in the jogging stroller for 3.7 miles at a very slow pace (8:40). Then finished up with David (7:30,20,10). It's cool seeing how the slow miles early set me up naturally for quicker miles. No doubt, this was good for the body, and something to try and implement in runs, especially on recovery days. It is true I have a tendency to start out to fast and finish tired, so this was a nice change. See for yourself here ---->

Not the weekly mileage I wanted. Slack with not starting the week until Wednesday. Did have a basketball game Monday, so at least some exercise. PF is still bothering me, so I took Friday off to rest the heel. The LR got shelved as I struggled to find motivation for long miles. At least got a couple decent runs in anyway. 26.5 miles on 4 runs.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

First week of 2012

Wed Jan. 4th:
- 5.5 miles in 39 and change (time). Montclair neighborhood, solo. Legs felt fine

Fri Jan 6th:
- 4 miles in high 7's. Feeling tight and sore and slow after 2 Basketball games the night before. Needed a slow recovery and did just that. Madison Park with David

Sat Jan 7th:
 - 10 miles 1:15:48 (7:35 pace). Ran from my house out towards H-Town Farms, down towards Quail Hallow and bye Harris YMCA before looping back. Regular run. Felt very nice. Comfortable pace.

No run today, Sunday.
Week Recap: 29.5 miles on 4 days. A good start to the first week of the year. No problems other than a sore heel, which started right before I switched shoes. Looking to keep it similar next week, with a slightly longer Long Run and total mileage into the 30's. No workouts yet.

Monday, January 2, 2012

3 in a row, and 3rd run at an increase in mileage

When David asked me to go run at 10am Monday morning, Jan. 2nd I was hesitant. One, because it was 10am, and I wasn't sure how long I would be lingering in bed on my last day of vacation, and Two, because I was almost satisfied enough with having run the last 2 days in a row to not worry about going for a run. Nonetheless, I obliged and we set out at McAlpine for 10 miles. It was pretty cold, and took 3-4 miles until I was comfortable warm. Our first mile was the quickest (707) no doubt from trying to get warm. This settled us eventually into near 730 pace for the middle of the run. We ended well, and scaled back at the end, with no reason to really push it. At least I didnt' want to.

I was happy to be able to run 10 miles at such a pace and not feel too bad after such a light Dec. Gives me encouragement as I start gearing up for Boston this April.

Miles: 10
Time: 1:13:30
Pace: 7.20

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

A beautiful start to the year, with temps in the 60s and sunshine!

Set out for my run after the Panthers loss to the Saints, and was on my neighborhood streets by 4:30pm. Was going to do an out and back towards Huntingtown Farms, but kept going down Park Rd, heading south, and decided to cross the street and dip into a neighborhood across from HTown Farms. Whistlestop Rd., lead me out onto Sharon, directly across from the Olde Georgetown neighborhood. Realizing where I was, I decided to make a left and loop it back down Sharon onto Sulkirk, and back into HTown where I could head home.

Wanted to hit 10+ miles earlier in the day, but as I started my run, I realized maybe I should just take it up to an hour for my "long run." I hadn't gone over 7 miles since the marathon, and I haven't gone longer than 50 minutes on my feet. Okay, an hour would be fine. The loop worked out perfectly too, in getting me almost exactly 8 miles.

The run was nice. Got to clear my head and reflect on last year some, but mainly think about the upcoming year. I'm hoping to put in a few good months of running, where I can look to PR in Boston this April.

Today's Run:
1:01:30 Time
7.99 Miles
7.42 Pace

Think I'll be looking to get some new shoes this week. My legs felt fine, just not real snappy. That's okay, I figure they have gotten some rust and dullness due to the lazy December. I'll be shaking that off here soon enough!