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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

writing, running, and weather

Maybe it was not mindlessly clicking over to Facebook as I have done so often, that caused my brain to fire off the thought of clicking over to my blog site - something i have not done in over a year.

At one time I wrote regularly on here about running, mostly. And as I type right now, I'm remembering the freewheeling feeling of wide open possibility in taking thoughts from my head and attempting to corral them into a coherent thought, while leaving the possibility of also just using this as an exercise in brain upkeep to put words down on "paper" regardless of any consideration to my reader. A lot of times writing is most beneficial to the author, on any number of levels.

But as this blog so often does, I'm brought back to thoughts on running. And what goes hand in hand with running is weather. Well, because of the lingering and annoying weather we have had lately, my running has been non existent after a refreshing and robust half marathon a week and a half ago which felt like knocked the rust off a little. Was looking forward to starting back up the training and getting into some races, but have not gotten back out to continue this motive since the race.

I ran a wonderful trail race, which was a really fun 14k distance on Jan 1st. Since, have been running - no workouts- a few times a week of around 25-45 mins, with a handful of hour-ish long runs during some weekends. Yet the half marathon served as my longest run in probably some 6 months or more! Still, that lack of expectation provided an accomplished feeling when I crossed the line in 1:32 after going out very conservatively and closing with great negative split miles.

And so, my slothness contines, but I do think i will force myself out for a slight jog this evening to get things going again. After all, yesterday I did sign up for another race on April 12th which will prove to stare at me guiltily, should i be inclined to keep this lazy trend going. I don't see that though, as long as the end of March should start to feel like the end of March. Thinking warmer temps should be sustained coming up in a matter of days.

anyway, that's all for now. hopefully more writing soon.


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